This iconic gold coin remains a firm favourite for all kinds of wealth protection and is loved by collectors and investors worldwide. The Royal Mint has produced a 2021 edition. Introducing the 2021 UK Gold Sovereign coin.



2021 Sovereign Coin Design

Sovereigns are constructed of 22-carat gold or 91.76% purity with 8.33% copper. They’re only the size of a 1p coin so they can be carried in a purse or wallet with convenience or stored at home in a small space.

The Gold Sovereign has become an internationally recognised symbol of integrity and strength, with its bold Saint George and the Dragon design. To this day, it remains traded, respected and admired all over the world.

The iconic Sovereign coin comes in many versions and Bleyer is proud to stock a large variety of Gold Sovereign Coins available for immediate dispatch. Remember all UK Sovereign coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt and also VAT free. Add yours to your collections today.


Read more in Bleyer’s Sovereign Guide here.


NEW The Royal Mints 2021 Gold Sovereign Coin

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