This week, we are going to shine the spotlight on a truly remarkable and continuously popular small gold coin – the UK Gold Sovereign. Loved by both collectors and investors, this iconic gold coin remains a firm favourite for all kinds of wealth protection. Learn more about this unique and incredible coin in this article.


There are many types of Gold Sovereign coins, all contain 22-carat gold:

  • Half Sovereign (Weight: 3.984, Gold content: 3.66g)
  • Proof Sovereign (Weight: 7.968g, Gold content: 7.32g)
  • Double Sovereign (Weight: 15.936g, Gold content: 14.64g)
  • Quintuple Sovereign (AKA Gold Crown) (Weight: 39.94g, Gold content: 36.61g)


Front and back design of Gold Sovereign Coins sold at Bleyer


Interesting facts unique to the Gold Sovereign:

  1. Sovereigns are constructed of 22-carat gold or 91.76% purity with 8.33% copper
  2. With its bold ‘Saint George and the Dragon’ design, the 22ct Gold Sovereign has become an internationally recognised symbol in Gold, and inspires integrity and strength. To this day, it remains traded, respected and admired all over the world.
  3. At about the same size as a 1p coin, they can be carried in a purse or wallet with convenience or stored at home in a small space, to be easily traded in small sales.
  4. They were included in the survival kit of soldiers that fought in World War II and Desert Storm because they have been an internationally recognised form of monetary exchange for 500 years and are trusted the world over.  Our clients continue to love them and their size means that they remain versatile and can conceivably still be used as a means of exchange.
  5. On 28 October 1489 King Henry VII instructed the officers of his Royal Mint to produce ‘a new money of gold’. England had by then enjoyed a circulating gold coinage for almost a century and a half but the new coin was to be the largest coin yet seen in England, both in size and value, and was to be called a Sovereign, (The Royal Mint).


Why are they so Popular?

Unlike paper investments or speculations, British gold sovereigns have a real and permanent tangible value. Therefore, they offer two ways to build wealth. They can offer the best of bullion and numismatics in one investment.


Why Gold Sovereign coins are special:

  • When you look at semi-numismatic gold coins, the British sovereign (originally the one pound coin) is the most widely traded.
  • The coin is generally considered to have both an investment and numismatic value.
  • It is estimated that only 1% of all gold sovereigns that have ever been minted are still in ‘collectible’ condition.
  • Plus, there is constant and excellent liquidity in most countries in the world. For the investor looking for slight leverage to the gold price with the potential for the premium (numismatic value) to rise, British sovereigns are a good way to invest in gold, (Money Week).


Tax Advantages of Gold Sovereign coins:

  • As well as being highly competitively priced, sovereigns are UK legal tender and hence Capital Gains Tax exempt and VAT free.
  • By purchasing UK coins eligible for CGT exemption you can avoid paying tax over the profit you make.
  • The amount of this CGT free profit won’t affect or decrease the limit of tax free profit on your other investments either.


2008 UK Gold Proof Sovereign Two Coin Collection sold at Bleyer


Why buy Gold Sovereigns now?

We can’t predict price moves in the short term, but in the long term, Bleyer believe it is prudent to hold some of your personal savings and wealth in physical Gold. It’s a safeguard investment and acts as a hedge when other markets or investments aren’t performing so well.

The British Sovereign offers an accessibly priced, flexible investment. This timeless gem-of-a-coin is also ideal as a gift or inheritance to grandchildren and family.


Read more about about a particular customer’s investment journey in ‘Why I Turned to Gold – An Investor’s Journey (Guest Article)’ here.


Old painting of Saint George slaying a dragon


Here’s a list of some of the different sovereign coins available:

  • Year-specific Gold Sovereigns
  • Edward VII Sovereign
  • George V Sovereign
  • Mixed Year UK Gold Sovereign
  • Pre-owned Quintuple Sovereign
  • QE2 Decimal Half Sovereign Gold Coins
  • Queen Victoria Sovereign – Jubilee Head
  • Queen Victoria Sovereign – Old Head
  • Queen Victoria Sovereign – Young Head


View the full list of Gold Sovereign coins available at Bleyer here.


Call the Bleyer Team on 01769 618618, email and browse the Bleyer website for more details.

Front designs of Queen Victoria Gold Sovereigns, Edward VII Sovereigns and George V Sovereign

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