2021 Robin Hood Coins

The Royal Mint’s New Robin Hood series commences

Available for pre-order in 1oz Gold and 1oz Silver.

Baird & Co. Gold & Silver Bars

Minted and cast bar range

Available in both silver and gold and in a variety of bar sizes including 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg.

2021 Valiant Coins

The Royal Mint’s Valiant Returns

Available for pre-order in 1oz Silver and 10oz Silver.

2020 Unity Rounds

Hand-poured Charity Silver Unity Rounds

100% of all profits will be donated to charity. 
Available now in 1oz Silver and 2oz Silver.

Welcome to Bleyer Bullion, the South West’s local bullion dealer, serving the whole of the UK by phone and online. Bleyer offers expert consultancy and welcomes face-to-face appointments with UK customers looking for a more personal service. Based in beautiful, rural North Devon, we have become the largest bullion dealer in the South West of England.

Bleyer aim to help our clients access physical goldsilverplatinumpalladium & rhodium in person and online with absolute security. We dispatch orders daily across the country using our discreet and secure, fully insured delivery service, you may also choose to take advantage of our state-of-the-art secure storage in an allocated account either within the UK mainland or off-shore. As well as professional vault storage, we also offer a range of top quality home storage solutions in our safes and accessories sections. Anyone can purchase Physical Gold and Silver, now could be the perfect time to begin investing, let us help you get started. To make an appointment, talk through pros and cons of different metals and products, or to simply find out more about owning Physical precious metals, call us today.

Updated: 14 April 2021 at 15:57:47
If you would like to contact us, about any queries or need some advice, you may like to speak to one of Bleyer’s friendly advisers through our live chat, by email (sales@bleyer.co.uk) or by phone on 01769 618618 or 01769 579287.

NEW The Royal Mint’s 2021 Silver Valiant Coin

The Royal Mint’s silver Valiant coin returns for the fourth year as a 10oz coin and third year as a 1oz coin. Read more about the coin’s design, the iconic Saint George, and his famous slaying of the dragon.

Bleyer’s Easter Opening Times

Bleyer will be closed during Good Friday and bank holiday Monday. In this article, you’ll find out Bleyer’s Easter cut-off times and a word from Bleyer’s Managing Director, Caroline.

What Do We Mean By The Margin Scheme?

Prices on some silver, platinum, and palladium on our website are displayed under the ‘Margin Scheme’ which means that the prices include VAT. Learn more in this article.

Silver Prices Soar to 8 Year Highs Becoming the New ‘GameStop’ Investment

Silver prices have hit an eight-year high after small-time traders swapped tips on a large Reddit forum to collectively drive prices up.

Coronavirus: A Note From Bleyer [UPDATED]

Bleyer’s managing director has written a few words about Bleyer’s current operations during the coronavirus outbreak.

NEW The Royal Mint’s 2021 Gold Sovereign Coin

This iconic gold coin remains a firm favourite for all kinds of wealth protection and is loved by collectors and investors worldwide. The Royal Mint has produced a 2021 edition. Introducing the 2021 UK Gold Sovereign coin. 

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1oz Gold Britannia 300x300V2

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1KG Gold Silver Bars

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