Don’t let worrying about the future ruin today – Bleyer Bullion is a leading UK supplier of fine gold for your pension. You can buy gold through us: We source gold for you at the lowest current market price and store it for you in one of our allocated vaults.


What are the benefits of buying gold in a pension?

  • Tax Free Gold – If you are a top rate taxpayer £10,000 worth of gold could only cost you £6,000. The government pays for the other £4,000. See below for more details.
  • Diversification – Most advisors will tell you that in order to lower your risk it is good to have a diversified and balanced portfolio. According to environmental factors there will always be some sectors to avoid and others where you may want a higher weighting. Gold tends to be used as a hedge against a poorly performing stock market and other economic disasters. Gold doesn’t pay dividends or provide an income but if bought in smaller increments can be sold in units when you need to take income out of a pension. It is safer, and more flexible.
  • Reducing Risk – Physical gold has been proven to preserve wealth over the long term and for this reason more and more savers are allocating physical gold to their pension portfolios. Gold is an attractive asset to hold within your pension as it has no counterparty risk, adds diversification and is a proven safe haven in turbulent times.


Gold in a SIPP Pension

As a UK citizen, you can invest in Gold Bullion through your Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPPS). SIPPS are personal pension schemes containing a basket of investments of your choosing until you retire and start to draw a pension income. SIPPs can hold tangible investments, which can now include Physical Gold. Investments made in gold bullion are topped up in the form of tax relief, meaning individuals can claim back the tax on the money they put in. The amount varies depending on the income tax band into which they fall, so if you are a higher rate taxpayer you can get up to 40% back. So, for example, a £10,000 investment will only cost you £6,000.

Physical Gold is allowed in a SIPP providing it is investment gold, as defined above. The bullion must be stored at ‘arm’s length’ with a secure third party. It cannot be taken possession of and used as a “pride in possession” article. It can, like any other investment, be sold within the pension wrapper and then the cash re-employed within the normal rules of a SIPP pension. Thus Physical Gold is allowed in your SIPP when we store it for you. Please call one of the Bleyer Team to find out more. We maintain the gold in your SIPP Gold account, while you are in complete control in instructing an Independent Financial Advisor (I.F.A.) and a Trustee Company will manage your SIPP Pension as a whole. You will instruct us to either communicate directly with you or with your I.F.A. / Trustee, whichever you would like.


Gold in a SSAS Pension

This small self-administered scheme (SSAS) is an occupational pension scheme set up under trust with fewer than 12 members. Like SIPPs they are generally administered by an independent trustee who is well versed in legislation and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) practice. The types of assets that the scheme can purchase are similar to that of SIPPs but there are added benefits that can be useful to companies so that they can gain additional benefit from their pension assets. Gold bullion is included in the list of assets that a SSAS may hold. We are happy to work with your trustee in procuring and storing gold for your SSAS Pension. Please call us on 01769 618618 or get in touch to discuss any aspect of this – we are here to help.

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