Gold Coins

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Gold Coins

A bullion gold coin is a coin made of pure gold that is bought and sold as an investment. It is not a coin that is used for everyday transactions. Bullion gold coins are typically minted in weights that are fractions of one troy ounce.

Bleyer Bullion offer investors and those looking for precious gifts the opportunity to buy a variety of gold bullion coins from around the world. Many of our clients also like to use our preferred custodians for safe, secure, fully insured bullion storage facilities of their gold bars and coins.

When choosing a bullion gold coin, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The weight of the coin: The weight of the coin will determine its price.
  • The purity of the gold: The purity of the gold will also determine its price.
  • The mint that issued the coin: Some mints are more reputable than others.
  • The numismatic value of the coin: Some coins have a higher numismatic value than others, which means that they are worth more than their intrinsic value.

All coins sold through Bleyer meet the criteria for investment gold and are at least 22 ct or above. All investment gold is exempt from VAT. Many UK gold coins such as the Britannia or Sovereign are exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Bleyer are approved for the purchase and storage of SIPP Pension or SSAS Pension Gold. If you are considering buying gold for your SIPP then bars could be a cheaper alternative. If you are looking for the cheapest ounces of gold available then you are welcome to contact us to enquire about our best current deals.

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