Somali Silver Coins

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Somali Silver Coins

Silver Somalia coins are produced by the Bavarian State Mint of Munich, Germany.

The Silver Somalia Elephant coin is the most popular silver coin from Somalia. It features a depiction of an African elephant on the obverse and the Somalian coat of arms on the reverse. The coin is 1 ounce (31.1035 grams) of 999.9 fine silver.

The Somalian African Wildlife coins are a popular choice for investors and collectors alike. They are a good way to own a piece of African history and support the conservation of endangered wildlife.

The Bavarian State Mint was founded in 1158 and is the oldest company in Munich. It has been responsible for minting coins for the Bavarian government since its inception. The mint also produces medals, seals, and other numismatic items.

In addition to its work for the Bavarian government, the Bavarian State Mint also mints coins for other countries, such as Somalia, Andorra, and the Vatican City.

The Bavarian State Mint is a leading producer of coins and numismatic items. It is known for its high quality and craftsmanship. The mint is also a popular tourist destination.

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