Tokelau Silver Coins

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Tokelau Silver Coins

Tokelau is a group of four atolls in the South Pacific Ocean that are a territory of New Zealand. Tokelau has issued a number of silver coins, both bullion coins and collector coins.

The bullion coins are .999 fine silver. They are denominated in New Zealand dollars and have a legal tender status in Tokelau.

We sell Tokelau Silver Coins, produced by the Pressburg Mint in Slovakia.

Our most popular Tokelau coins are the Zodiac series. The twelve coin designs from the talented Pressburg Mint have been produced to celebrate the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each coin features an image of the symbol pertaining to their zodiac sign together with the the star constellation above the name of the star sign. The images use delicate patterns and shapes to form the image whilst the rest of the zodiac signs appear in a border around the edge of the coin.

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