Gold Bars

Bleyer Bullion offer investors and those looking for precious gifts the opportunity to purchase and hold physical gold bars and coins. Many of our clients also like to use our preferred custodians for safe, secure, fully insured bullion bullion storage facilites of their gold bars and coins.

Unless otherwise stated our bars are brand new and sourced from a variety of mints or refiners which have been Approved by the London Bullion Market Association. Most refiners selling bars above 250g carry unique serial numbers and usually come with certificates.  Some of the refiners we use mark all their bars in this way from 1 gram upwards.

Bars sizes range from 1 gram to 400 Troy Ounce, (just under 12.5Kg)

Gold bars can be held inside SIPP Pensions or SSAS Pensions.  Bleyer are approved for the purchase and storage of SIPP gold.

All investment gold is exempt from VAT and many gold coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

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