Precious Metal Storage

Bleyer Bullion provide competitively priced, secure and fully insured precious metal storage.

Physical precious metal is stored by experts in their field at UK LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) independent approved facilities. The secure storage we offer is fully allocated so you really do own your own physical metal.

The external storage locations offer customers complete confidence. As specialists in the industry, they boast a 160 year history coupled with state of the art security, technology and warehousing systems. This provides customers with the very best service and security.



VAT Free Storage

If you store silver at our UK based customs warehouse you will not be charged VAT when purchasing the silver. This storage facility can be used to avoid paying unnecessary VAT, if physical possession does not occur.

Should you wish to take possession of your stored metal, VAT would be applied at the rate that it would have been applicable when originally purchased.

Although the metal is VAT free, the storage fees are subject to VAT.



The storage facilities operate a strict no access to the public policy due to the high level of security.

Bleyer will take care of all the arrangements regarding adding to, withdrawing or selling your holding.



Precious Metal Storage Fees

Storage fees are subject to VAT. They are applied quarterly in arrears and are based on the value of your holding. Additional fees are applied when:

  • An account is opened and a metal is deposited. Fees are per metal type.
  • A movement in or out of your storage account occurs. Fees are per metal type.

It is possible to store any value of investment, however, in order for this to be a cost effective solution we would recommend a minimum holding of £5000.


Ready to Store?

For more information, please contact our award-winning team on 01769 618618 or via email They will be able to discuss your strategy and offer the best solution.

If you would like to consider an alternative to storage we offer a wide range of safes and cabinets on our website. Click HERE for our recommendations. There is also some interesting information in our article with advice on how to store your bullion at home. Click HERE to read it.

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