Chilean Gold Coins

Chilean Gold Coins

The Chile 100 Peso Liberty gold coin was first minted by Chile in 1926 without the intention of making it a circulation coin. This reality was even more pronounced when the peso was replaced by the escudo in 1960. Between 1932 and 1980 the Chile 100 Peso Liberty gold coin manifested a steady production and is characterized as a modern gold coin.

Other denominations produced by the Chilean government are the 20 Peso gold coins and the 50 Peso gold coins. The estimated recorded mintage for the Chile 100 Peso Liberty gold coin is of 540,000 coins.

The Peso Liberty gold coin has a purity of 900/1000 or 21.6 ct so it just qualifies as investment gold.

As a coin never intended for circulation the coin was produced as something intended for those wishing to invest or store their wealth in or make a profit from trading gold.

This Chilean bullion gold coin may be considered by many a common coin, having a lower gold content than many others. Nevertheless, like many others, interest in this coin was increased by the bold rise in the gold spot price.

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