Editor’s Note: This article was last updated on 26/03/20.

Bleyer’s managing director has written a few words about Bleyer’s current operations during the coronavirus outbreak.


A Note from Bleyer

It’s no secret that physical bullion is in demand right now. As the world continues to battle with the spread of the Coronavirus, precious metals have become an incredibly popular way for people to maintain financial value, protect savings and safeguard investments. We’ve been absolutely inundated with calls and emails since the start of the outbreak and would like to take a moment to thank you for choosing us as your source of bullion and for bearing with us whilst we catch up from record levels of enquiries and sales.

A huge thank you goes to my team: Melissa has been amazing, putting in extra hours to help with the backlog and keeping us organised. I’ve also had extra help from Leo, Dan and Jerry who have done whatever has been needed to maintain the website and help with clarity on the status of products – a great improvement moving forwards – thanks guys.


Bullion Catalogue Colour Code


1. Available

If taking delivery immediately is important to you then we recommend browsing our new Available for Immediate Dispatch area which is being updated daily. Items are marked Available are readily available to be sent out immediately, but please get your payment through soon after ordering, as items get allocated on a first paid first-served basis.


2. Pre-order 

For those looking to place orders soon, please be aware of significant delays in our supply chains. Some major foreign mints have ceased production entirely amid the lockdown. Although we can still accept orders and lock in prices for some bullion, the waits are getting longer. If you’re happy to wait, then look for the orange Pre-Order tag.


3. Currently Unavailable

We have had to mark some bullion as Currently Unavailable for the moment, since we’re unable to source these at this point in time for sensible money but are hoping to in the near future.


Bullion Catalogue Access Areas


1. Available for Immediate Dispatch

This category displays items in stock and available for immediate dispatch. Access the ‘Available for Immediate Dispatch’ area here.


2. Limited Availability

This category displays the full list of products that are currently in stock or readily available for pre-order. Access the ‘Limited Availability’ area here.


3. Bulk Purchases

This category showcases our best recommendations if you’re currently looking to make a bulk purchase and need delivery within a couple of weeks. Access the ‘Bulk Purchases – Recommended Deals’ area here.


Selling Your Precious Metals

We are buying! Is now the right time to sell? We’d like to remind you that we also purchase bullion.

Now might be a fantastic time to turn some of your bullion into cash, especially if you are feeling the pinch. Gold prices are higher now than ever before and we are currently offering our highest ever premiums for gold and silver. The price we pay will depend on what you have to sell and how strong the market is for those items.


How does selling your precious metals work?

  1. Email us with a list of what you have, the quality it’s in and try to include photographs if you can.
  2. We’ll then agree on a price and terms of payment.
  3. Send the items to us via secure mail*. Please remember to send us your bank details.
  4. Once we have received the items, we will usually be able to send the payment to you within a few hours**, you will have the opportunity to re-negotiate or cancel at any point.



To receive an immediate quote during office hours please either call us on 01769 618618 or send a message through our site. If we are not online or you would prefer to receive a quote via email please send your message to sales@bleyer.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


* Please refer to our ‘Best Practices For Sending Valuables in the Post‘ article on secure packaging as it is important that your parcel arrives safely, with the contents undamaged. Our article offers some useful tips so please make sure to read it carefully. Even small pieces can get damaged as they go through the mailing system. We cannot take responsibility for your items before they arrive so it is up to you to assess the risk and send accordingly. In all cases a signed for service is advised.

** Payments are usually made within a few hours of receiving the items however if the amount is large then it may take a couple of days to receive all the money. Larger payments may be subject to anti-money laundering checks. We will always advise you of any this in advance of you sending the items to us. 


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