Bleyer is a leading UK online bullion dealer and as part of our daily operations, we regularly send and receive high-value packages. In this guide, we discuss best practices for sending valuable items in the post so that in the event you would like to sell your Gold or Silver you will know how best to send your metals to us.

Most distance selling contracts state that in the event of a problem or loss then the sender is the liable party. Although lost and damaged parcels are extremely rare, it is important to take extra special care and attention when sending high-value parcels to ensure that in the event that something unexpected happens you will be protected and insured.

When sending valuable items in the post you should take extra care to make sure that your parcel is sent with the correct courier and is insured, tracked, secure and packaged discreetly.

Logos of main delivery services used at Bleyer including DPD, Royal Mail, UPS,FedEx, MyHermes, Yodel

1) Choosing the correct courier service

Read the small print, most couriers will not allow or insure the transportation of gold or money but if they have a good track record then the risk of using them is obviously reduced.

In most instances, we recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed unless the weight of the parcel is more than 2kg. If the weight is over 2kg then we would usually advise either to split your items into more than one parcel or to carefully select a tracked overnight service from a different insured courier.

We do our best to make sure that items are in the postal system no longer than they need to be, this means choosing a next day service and where possible not sending items over the weekend. Ensure that they request a signature on delivery, do not use a service which will leave the parcel in ‘a safe place’.

1a) How to Ensure Your Parcel is Insured

By far the most common concern is, “Will I get my money back if my item goes missing?”

As we touched on before, most couriers do not insure gold or money, this means that although they might accept to carry the parcel, if there is a problem they won’t give you any money back.

If you’re sending valuables, money or jewellery in the post, Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed® will enable you to claim compensation in the event of loss or damage. Valuables sent using any other service are not generally eligible for compensation.

Royal Mail Special delivery ensures:

  • Guaranteed delivery by 9am or 1pm next working day
  • Online tracking and signature on delivery
  • Money-back guarantee and inclusive compensation cover
  • Free SMS and/or email notifications
  • To protect against loss or damage, Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am and 1pm have inclusive compensation cover of £500
  • Both services give you the option to increase your cover up to the value of £2,500.
  • You can also purchase tiered consequential loss cover up to the value of £10,000.

1b) Use a Tracked Service

An added advantage of using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed is that it is a tracked service. This not only increases safe deliveries but gives you peace of mind as you track your parcel online to the destination. Tracked services also require a signature on delivery so you will know exactly who took delivery.

Don’t use a courier which leaves parcels in a ‘safe space’.

DPD van speeding to make a delivery(Source: DPD)

2) Packing

For the sake of a couple of extra minutes and a bit of tape, take your time over this to make sure your package is securely packed, well labeled and discreet. If reusing an old envelope or box make sure old labels have been covered or removed.

2a) Use secure packaging

Ensure there is no coin-rattle noise when handling your parcel. Use bubble wrap to securely but lightly pad in your coins and bars so that they don’t move around. We like to think that the Post Office and other couriers would be careful with our packages but we don’t know what really happens. Imagine how your packet would stand up to being thrown about a bit.

It is not recommended that coins be sent in standard envelopes – automated sorting machinery may damage envelopes containing coins, which can lead to delay in delivery and increase the likelihood of the contents being lost. If that’s all you’ve got though, you could wrap them in plastic and tape them between two pieces of card then put them inside a decent envelope, padded if possible. Use oversized packaging when necessary to disguise the contents.

2b) Be discreet

Never indicate what is in your parcel. If you’re posting to a bullion dealer, simply address it to the recipient and do not use any words that might indicate valuable contents such as “Gold” or “Bullion”. This avoids unnecessary attention.

2c) Triple check the postage address

Make sure you have the full postal address and you double check the postcode is correct. If you are sending anything to us, the address is as follows:

Bleyer, West Hele Farm, Kings Nympton, Umberleigh, Devon EX37 9TB

2d) Include your return address details and contact information

Include your contact details – a surprisingly easy detail to miss when the focus is on packaging your coin or bar securely. As a minimum your initials, the first line of your address and the postcode is advised.

2e) Record the weight of your parcel

Either at home or at the post office, this is important in case the receiver disputes the contents. You may also consider filming the packing of your parcel.

Royal Mail postman standing by his delivery bike

3) Know who you’re posting to

It is extremely important you know who you’re posting to. If you are not dealing with a reputable company then take full payment in advance and by a method without risk of chargeback. Did you know that Paypal no longer covers gold on their buyer and seller protection policies?

3a) Are you dealing with someone reputable?

Always do your research first. Check them out on Google and independent review sites where available. See what experiences other customers have had when dealing with them.

3b) Ensure that the receiving party is expecting the parcel

When you order anything online nowadays, most of the time you’ll receive confirmation emails about your order. Check these to see if the tracking number or information of the courier you are using has been added. Also, check the expected delivery date and make sure someone is in to receive the goods. If the parcel fails to arrive, the courier service will know to contact you.

Handing over signed-for goods at the post office

4) Keep your postal receipt somewhere safe

Always make sure you keep hold of your receipt in case someone disputes that they haven’t received the parcel you will have proof via the postage receipt and tracking number. You will need your receipt to make a successful claim with your courier.

Here are the best practices when sending bullion in the post:

  1. Use secure packaging
  2. Use bubble wrap to ensure your items don’t move around
  3. Label address correctly
  4. Include your contact details
  5. Use a tracked, insured service
  6. Remember to quote the correct value bracket at the Post Office to make sure your item is insured up to the correct amount
  7. Keep your postal service receipt


Sending your Gold and Silver to Bleyer through the post should be straight-forward and require little more than a quick phone call to Bleyer, decent packaging and a trip to the Post Office. To speak to someone at Bleyer call 01769 618618 or email

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