With another year gone by, there’s another Christmas right around the corner and everyone’s frantically busy getting their Christmas dinner and last minute gifts together. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get out the Christmas lists and start planning what delights you’ll be treating everyone to this year.


The occasional friends and family members can be particularly tricky to choose a gift for. The long-distance cousin, or an uncle you only see once a year. It’s hard to think about something personalised to them and their interests. However, there is a solution that allows you to gift unique, quirky and of-value gifts, which they’ll appreciate and admire, regardless of their hobbies or aspirations. 


Thinking about gifting bullion for Christmas? Here are our top three gift suggestions:

  1. Current year 1oz Silver Britannia coin
  2. Marvel or Star Wars 1oz Silver Set
  3. Proof sets & rare collectibles


1oz Silver UK Britannia Coin, 2018


1. Current year 1oz Silver Britannia coins

Even if you’ve never seen silver before, most people recognise the heritage of currency and will appreciate the beauty of real precious metals. To then hold and own a solid piece silver for yourself, is truly a remarkable feeling.

The classic Britannia is a wonderful gift whether you’re a stacker or a newbie to bullion. If you’re looking for something commemorative to symbolically round the year off, how about gifting this absolute classic in its current year edition to remind them of the year they’ve had? It’s a wonderful emblem of Great Britain and portrays the legendary figure of Britannia which has symbolised Britain’s strength and integrity for many years. 

If they’ve not had such a great year, how about gifting them next year’s edition to remind them of the good things around the corner? The Royal Mint produces these coins every year, so you could even start a tradition of gifting them the new edition each year. 


1oz Silver NIUE Stormtrooper Investment Coin 2018


2. Marvel or Star Wars 1oz Silver Set

Gifting something a bit more personal or for someone younger? If you know a bit more about the person you’re buying for, movie-themed bullion is also a great idea. Not only do these coins have intrinsic value, but they represent significant cultural value too. The Perth Mint is always excellent at releasing these collector sets. Our favourites have to be the TUVALU Marvel series or NUIE Star Wars set

So, if your nephew loves Spiderman, or your great uncle was the one who took you to see your first Star Wars film in the theatres, you’ll easily be able to find them a gift that they’ll value and cherish.

Coins based on film series are always great for gifting. As they’re produced in Australia, and unlike the Britannia coin, these coins don’t have the same tax benefits as UK coins, but have a higher collector value (as there are only a certain amount of them ever produced). These coins are especially special if you’re gifting them to someone who already owns silver, they’d be delighted to add another collectable piece to their collection.


1/4oz Gold UK Proof Queen's Beasts Lion Coin


3. Proof sets & rare collectibles

This is one for the hardcore collectors. If you know of a loved one or a friend that loves collecting the rare and unusual, there’s nothing like gifting something they’d never expect on Christmas morning. 

Proof coins and sets are treated with a special die which results in a mirror-like effect. The coins are also struck more than once, meaning the detail of design is a much higher quality. Not only that but the limited quantity at which they were produced, a certificate of authenticity and a bespoke presentation box, mean that proof sets and coins carry a higher price tag. 

Rare and collectible sections will showcase the most unusual bullion sets a dealer has to offer, and offers a great starting place if you’re looking for collectible or proof coins. If these are slightly out of your price range, why not chip in between a few family members or friends to get them something truly ultimate?


Learn the benefits of owning proof coins or proof sets here.


Regardless, how you’re celebrating your holidays this year, the Bleyer team wishes you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Our office opening times will be from the 21st December – 2nd January. If you want to be 100% sure you’ll receive your package by Christmas, give us a call (01769 618618) or make sure put your order through by Tuesday 18th December.


Proof Coin Set Victorian Age Christmas Traditions Set

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