We are extremely excited and proud to announce the launch of our very first Bleyer hand poured silver bars! 


After months of secret collaboration, we can finally reveal the stunning bars that were created for us by Backyard Bullion. Read on to see how they were made, you can watch the video and learn what makes hand poured silver so special and find out about our choice of charity.


Beautiful hand poured 2oz owl bars with certificate of authenticity now available from Bleyer


Hand Poured 2oz Silver Owl Bars

As a small family business ourselves, we understand better than most, the importance of supporting ‘the little guy’. So, when we first thought about the potential of designing our own exclusive bars, it was the natural choice to approach Backyard Bullion, an independent artisan silver pourer with a reputation for the highest quality products and an unparalleled attention to detail.

We spent a couple of months quietly collaborating with Backyard Bullion, we designed our stamp whilst Backyard Bullion hand poured our chunky bars, each weighing a minimum of two troy ounces.

Once all 25 bars had been poured, the next stage was to send them off to the Edinburgh Assay Office in Scotland for hallmarking, a process they having been doing for over 550 years.

Hallmarked hand poured silver is a rarity here in the UK, it is an expensive process as each bar is individually tested. Hallmarks can only be stamped by the Assay office themselves, no one else can produce this mark onto silver. A hallmark is designed to show that the item has been assayed (tested) to prove the purity of the product, in this case, 999 fine silver, and to show the maker’s mark. Then it was time to stamp, polish and hand deliver the final product in person to our offices.

Backyard Bullion has created a video showing you exactly how our gorgeous bars were made, it is a fascinating watch! From the smelting of the silver right through to the stamping, antiquing and final polish.



Who is Backyard Bullion?

As Backyard Bullion hand-delivered the bars to us, we also took the opportunity to do a little interview with him. We quizzed him on his motivation, his backstory and about his love of precious metals. You can listen to our interview with him as a downloadable podcast on Soundcloud (link below) or alternatively, watch the full interview on video on Youtube:



You can listen and download to the audio-only version here:


Our Charity of Choice 

We also wanted a charity to benefit from the creation of our hand poured silver bars. The charity we chose is The Barn Owl Trust. 

We love embracing our rural location here in North Devon, and The Barn Owl Trust is a small local charity who have supplied and maintained the barn owl boxes on our farm for many years. They do incredibly important work to help maintain the population of barn owls here in the UK, which are sadly on the decline. 

Our barn owl boxes have produced many chicks over the years. During this time, volunteers from The Barn Owl Trust have helped these beautiful birds making the tricky transition to adulthood. They have been on hand to answer our questions, visit our farm, maintain the boxes after the harsh winters – all without a word of complaint or single request for money. 

It is time we showed our appreciation for all their hard work helping these stunning owls and so are proud to announce that £5 from the sale of every 2oz Silver Owl bar will go directly to The Barn Owl Trust. 

Why not bundle a Barn Owl Adoption in with your hand poured silver bar? This package makes for a wonderful gift, be it for yourself or a loved one. You can find out more about barn owl adoption HERE. 



Bar Specifications

Hand poured bars are stunning works of art in their own right. They are very special pieces to own as each bar is handmade so no two pieces are ever truly the same. This means you have a unique, tactile object which gives a little oomph to your precious metal collection. These bars are not for hiding away in a vault, they are beautiful objects to display and admire­­.

We are extremely proud of our bars, Backyard Bullion has done an amazing job creating our vision into tangible pieces and we hope you love them too!

We only have 25 of these exclusive Silver Owl Bars, so make sure you get yours today! You can purchase them via our website or by calling one of our friendly Bleyer team on 01769 618618.


Top of 2oz Silver Bleyer Hand Poured Owl Bar

  • Extremely limited, only 25 bars have been minted in 2018
  • Each 2oz silver bar contains a minimum* of 2 troy ounces (62.207 grams) of 999.9 fine silver *more information regarding the weight on product page
  • Designed and produced exclusively for Bleyer Bullion
  • Handmade and poured by BackYard Bullion
  • £5 from the sale of each bar goes directly to The Barn Owl Trust charity
  • Price inclusive of fully insured UK delivery
  • UK Hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay Office giving assurance of purity 
  • Bars will be supplied in small pouches with a certificate of authenticity
  • Bar design has been antiqued and hand polished


Backyard Bullion also interviewed Bleyer’s Managing Director, Caroline. Watch ‘What’s it like being a bullion dealer’ PART 1 and 2 below:




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