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This piece is a pleasure to write for two reasons: Firstly, the whole Bleyer team came up with the choice of subject and secondly, it’s about celebrating new life. I can remember my nephews’ Christening – a joint affair for both of them. My youngest nephew had been born overseas and now the family were posted safely in the UK, so it was a double-celebration. There was a marquee, catching up with old family friends, the sun shone and the church was a short summer stroll from the house. Wine and conversation flowed late into a gorgeous evening, while burly fire-fighter neighbours took charge of the hog roast, for a more advantageous position with beers in hand. There was even a rope swing for all the children to play on in the local tree.

Yet, personally, I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. But, somehow, celebrating the newness and potential of children’s lives brought relief. Financially, it was also a testing time and yet I’d been blessed with finding a high-end perfectly-sized dress for my small daughter in a charity shop, to make her day a floating dream of niece and grand-daughter perfection. Aren’t family gatherings often like that? Life is often difficult and beautiful at the same time. Maybe we think of our own loss when we’re at a family christening. And yet, here is this new life full of hope.


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What better way to mark the occasion than by giving a child an item of timeless quality?

It is traditional to give something made from Silver for a Christening. This evolved from Victorian times but not many people seem to know why. My family told me it came from the knowledge that pure Silver is a natural anti-bacterial. Did you know that the phrase “born with a Silver spoon in their mouth” comes directly from the practice of giving a baby a solid silver spoon to suck to hopefully protect their immune system? And, of course, because Silver is valuable, the poor couldn’t afford such a life-saving luxury, hence the development of the phrase. To this day, one of the greatest uses of pure Silver is in the field of medical equipment. Even some airlines put tiny particles of Silver in their seats to help limit the spread of bacteria.


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Here are top choices for the perfect Precious Metal gift for baby naming ceremonies

But please don’t limit yourself to just these ideas, have a browse and find something that says what you want to say to those you love and treasure:


1oz Silver Britannia Coins are produced by The Royal Mint1. The Classic

The 1oz British Silver Britannia Coin is such a classic and will last for generations. Instantly recognizable as a coin of inherent value and class, this is a beautiful piece to give. These start from as little as £22.78 per coin and that’s including VAT! We can arrange a gift box for you too. Just call 01769 618618 or browse the website to order.


2. A piece of Family Heritage1oz American Silver Buffalo rounds are produced by The Sunshine Mint in America

If the family or child has a country of interest, or your own heritage is part of the richness you bring to that child, why not browse coins by country? Silver coins start from as little as £20, we offer a wide selection of national mints from countries all over the world including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Scotland, Europe, China and many more. Browse both Silver and Gold Coins for find the perfect choice of gift. 


3. If you want to spend a little more250g silver bar produced by LBMA

Buy our 999.0 fine silver bars from a choice of London Bullion Market Association LBMA approved refiners. Owning a pure Silver bullion bar from 100g to 5 kg is another timeless gift. Click here to learn more about Silver and its wonderful advantages as an investment.


4. If money’s no object

What says timeless generational quality like a pure bullion Gold Bar? 100 gram minted gold bar produced by LBMAThis gift definitely has both the wow factor and the care involved in giving an investment for the child’s future life or education. The smallest Gold bars start from as little as around £40. But even the 250g bar is a compact very portable, storable size and is called a “biscuit” for that very reason. Current prices are around £7,900 or opt for the smaller 100g Gold bar at around £3,200. Of course, Gold bars then go down (or up!) in sizes, such as 50g, 20g, 10g and 5g, so there is the perfect price fit for you. Browse these classic and timeless Gold bars here for a wonderful Christening gift which will be remembered and treasured for years to come.



Lastly, don’t forget that all coins can be bought by year, to ensure your Christening Gift always marks their year of birth for generations to come.


Call one of the Bleyer Team now on 01769 618618 to order your perfect Christening Gift.

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