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250g Gold Bars

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Two Hundred And Fifty Gram Gold Bars

A 250g Gold Bar is a great choice for serious investors, these bars not only offer some of our most competitive pricing, they are also highly desirable and liquid when you come to sell. The majority of these quarter kilo gold bars come with certificates and are stamped with a unique serial number. We currently sell a choice of 999.9 fine gold bars from LBMA Good Delivery refiners Heraeus and Umicore. Our most popular bars are offered by Baird & Co who are a long established UK Refiner.

Many of our clients purchasing 250g gold ingots also use our 3rd party secure, fully insured storage facilities to protect their investments. More information on our vault storage services can be found Here.

Although fully insured delivery to a UK address is included in the prices, our customers can collect their purchases from us in person by strict appointment if they wish to. We welcome our customers to contact us to discuss all aspects of a transaction during office hours on 01769 618 618. You may also like to email us, please send your questions to [email protected] and a member of our trained staff will reply to your enquiry within one working day.

Tip: Think about your exit strategy, consider the size of the bars/ coins you are buying. When it's time to sell, smaller bars and coins offer more flexibility. Will you want to withdraw your money in small amounts or take a lump sum?

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