This article looks at Gold Investment specifically for female investors. If you’ve started (or are thinking about starting) to save for retirement, we hope this will be of use to you.


What are the facts for women saving for retirement in the U.K.?

“Many people find it difficult to save enough for retirement. But competing responsibilities and continual income differentials add extra dimensions to that challenge for many women. The proportion of women in the UK saving adequately for retirement remains well below the levels of the male population. Milestones such as maternity leave, raising children or caring for a relative contribute to women having shorter working careers, meaning less opportunity to earn and convert some of those earnings into pension savings.

According to Scottish Widows and figures out this month, half of women are saving adequately for retirement compared to 60% of men. 

For example, 58% of UK women admitted to feeling stressed about their financial situation, with 28% prioritising household necessities over savings.

Only 41% of women know what their defined contribution pension pot savings are invested in compared to 52% of men. These findings indicate that when it comes to retirement saving, people want uncomplicated and intuitive solutions.” (Retirement Planner)

Make sure you look after your retirement

Using Gold & Silver to save for retirement

Putting a monthly or even 3 monthly amount into Physical Gold and Silver is a very uncomplicated and intuitive solution to saving for later in life. You retain total control over your purchase:

  1. Where you choose to store it – at home or in Bleyer’s secure storage
  2. How much you buy and when you buy
  3. Who you choose to tell you have it
  4. When you choose to sell
  5. Who you leave it to in a will
  6. If you had bought Gold 3 years ago it would have gone up 28.28%
  7. If you had bought Gold 10 years ago it would have gone up 197.70%
  8. If you had bought Gold 45 years ago it would have gone up 6,748.64%
  9. Bleyer is a Gold and Silver business run by a woman, CEO Caroline Peers.

Plus, every time you as a woman need to change your working hours or employer, your ‘savings scheme’ in Physical Gold won’t be interrupted unless you choose to put it on hold for a while. It just sits there being uncomplicated.



To invest in your own Physical Gold and Silver please click here or call one of Bleyer’s friendly team on 01769 618618.  

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