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This week I saw a difficult example of someone genuinely learning that what was deeply valuable to them was not to their customers, many of whom saw the gesture from a completely different mindset. In an ideal world, the value we place on our work is matched by our customers.

Bottom line – as a customer and as a person I don’t want to feel used. I want to be given value for what I pay for; in the product, respect, and service. 


I’ve often thought the business world is a self-regulating entity, which keeps its own perfect balance – if a company undervalues its customers they leave, therefore the company dies. If a company, which is also made up of people within itself, respects and values its customers, the company thrives. This, in turn, helps the people within the company, who – after all – are someone else’s customers. And so the circles intertwine.

I have seen bad business attitude, the get-rich-quicker, and the manipulator – and in tunnel vision, they always end up starving themselves of their own customers. The biggest power we have as customers is to politely walk away, without giving our custom.



In short, we would simply not be an entity of a group of people working in the way we do without our customers. We serve you, not the other way around. And yet also as a customer, I understand that I pay for value. I’ve also worked for Bleyer for 6 years and that simply wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t feel valued in balance with the work I get to do.

I have heard all members of our team, led by our C.E.O. Caroline Peers, take great care to talk at length with customers, listen and answer their questions and ensure they get the product they are after. I have personally seen Caroline go to lengths to understand what a particular customer’s personal situation is and how to do business with them in a way that’s fit for their financial goals.


Heraeus 1.5kg silver bar lying on a wooden surface


Value vs. Price

I place a much higher priority in life on value, not price. We need people and use things, not the other way around. In a working world:

“‘Value’ may be one of the most overused and misused terms in marketing and pricing today. ‘Value pricing’ is too often misused as a synonym for a low price or bundled price. The real essence of value revolves around the trade-off between the benefits a customer receives from a product and the price he or she pays for it.” (McKinsey and Company)


Assortment of Gold Bullion Bars from various refiners



1. Always tell us what you are after. Internet shopping is great, I use it all the time due to a remoter location, working and family commitments. But when I’m making a big financial decision I either want to speak to someone – mainly to suss them out – or I will do thorough research.

2. The blogs and social media content we produce at Bleyer are part of what I personally really enjoy producing for you in that research. I have met many of our customers and have written so many times with you in mind. 

3. It doesn’t matter how many times you need to speak to someone, buying physical Gold and Silver is a big decision, especially the first time.

4. In many ways, both it is clear that many of our clients and the team at Bleyer understand buying Gold and Silver is different to buying a normal product. Firstly, it’s an asset, not a liability; such as a car, new kitchen or widescreen TV. Out of interest, for a great short video on the difference between Assets and Liabilities below. It outlines three groups of customers – the poor, middle class and the rich – and how their purchasing choices help them either stay or move between those bands. 


5. Secondly, it’s usually for the long term for ourselves and/or our family. It’s slightly above the every day, so we add more to the decision process.

6. Do we get it right? In your opinion, is there any way we can improve? What do you like about Bleyer? Are there any products or services you would like to see that Bleyer does not currently offer? Or did Bleyer offer something that you wished we would again? We really value what you think; it’s often insightful, encouraging and helps with the measured direction of this company. If you have a spare 20 minutes, we’d really appreciate if you could fill in our short customer feedback questionnaire in the form below.




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