Silver finds from the Viking world used to be great rarity in Morecambe Bay and Cumbria but metal detectorists have had a rich vein of luck in uncovering finds in the past few years.

The Furness Hoard can be seen at Barrow’s Dock Museum and the Silverdale Hoard has been on display at Lancaster’s City Museum.

Now a third treasure find – the Beckermet Hoard – is to go on show at the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven. In 2014 enthusiasts Justin Bell and Daniel Boakes unearthed a Viking hoard of 20 silver artifacts from the 10th century in Beckermet, near Egremont in West Cumbria.



Mr Bell describes the hoard, discovered in a field, as “The find of a lifetime”.

He said: “We’ve done a lot of land around that area and not found anything significant, but the amount of groats and old four pence’s we’ve come across is fascinating.”

They found 16 ingots – traded in the Viking world as bullion – and also four rings. The hoard had a combined weight of 880 grams.

All were verified as being of Norse origin, and evidence suggests that these pieces could have been brought to Cumbria from as far away as Russia.

The hoard was given “treasure” status and was returned to West Cumbria where the Beacon Museum was eager to bring the collection back to Copeland.

The two finders will officially launch the display of the Viking silver at the Beacon Museum on February 25.


Beckermet Viking silver hoard


Source: North West Evening Mail

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