The Best Place to Buy Gold and Silver in the UK 

Bleyer is an established independent bullion merchant located in North Devon. You can easily reach us via live chat, email or phone. Whether you are an experienced investor or new to the metals market Bleyer can help you.

Call us today on 01769 618618 for competitive pricing, unrivalled customer service and mountains of top quality financial education and insights into the world of precious metals. 


Competitive Pricing 

We are a relatively small company with low overheads, premiums and margins. Unlike some of our larger competitors we don’t spend huge amounts of money on marketing or have an expensive high street address, we made a name for ourselves by offering local clients great prices and outstanding customer service.  

Like for like we are better value than a purchase from The Royal Mint! Check out the details on our blog article HERE


Wealth consultancy, education and advice service 

We are the best place for new investors to purchase precious metals because we take the time to teach our clients if they need help. We have personally been investing in precious metals for years and are experts in physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. We are here to pass on the knowledge and to help you get started. 

Although we will never give you market advice or try to hard sell you products, by becoming a customer of Bleyer you will gain access to the free advice services of the company, if you would like one you can have a friendly dedicated accounts manager who will be able to provide you with information, market news, tips, experience, or just have a chat if you would like! If you need more that information on gold and silver products our specialist advisor may be available to assist you with handling family wealth planning issues as well. 

Simple points which new investors are likely to miss can be taught in a short introductory phone call or through our blogs for example: have you thought about your exit strategy?  How are you going to sell your investments?  The size of the metal you buy and in which form (Bars or Coins) is important when it comes to selling and each one can have its own tax relief benefits. We would be happy to chat about the investment solution which suits you best, call Bleyer any weekday on 01769 618618 for a friendly chat.  


Tax Advice + Financial Services 

We can give you tax saving guidance including details of capital gains tax allowances and tell you about gold and silver products that are CGT exempt.  Some investors may be interested to discover how they can save money and legally overcome paying large amounts of vat by using secure VAT free silver, platinum and palladium offshore secure storage solutions.  

Are you interested in having a golden pension? Ask us how you can invest in gold as part of a self invested personal pension (SIPP) and get your gold subsidised by the government. 


Wide Range of Suppliers 

Another reason we are the best place to buy investment metals in the UK is We offer a more than ample selection of investment metals from many major leading refiners and trusted manufacturers including: Heraeus; Baird; Umicore; Perth Mint; Credit Suisse; Englehard; Johnson Matthey; Royal Canadian Mint; Royal Mint; United States Mint; as well as an international selection of well known investment coins from many continents such as:  

·         British Sovereigns, Britannias and Lunars; 

·         American Eagles and Buffalos; 

·         Chinese Pandas;  

·         Austrian Phillharmonikas; 

·         Australian Nuggets, Kangaroos and the Lunar series; 

·         South African Krugerrands; 

·         Canadian Maple Leaf 


Personally Tailored Service to Suit Your Needs 

We are a small company and provide a service personally tailored to each of our customers, we really want you to make gains on your investment and will continue to offer post sales support in the form of blogs and education!  Nearly all of our staff have significant holdings in investment metals and we would be happy to share our insights with you.  

Come and see us face to face for a consultation! We are your local trustworthy bullion merchant based in the beautiful north of Devon, many customers travel to our office from all around the UK to get advice, make an action plan and purchase their investment.  

Another reason we are the best company to buy gold and silver from in 2014 is that we have just released a brand new website with many useful bespoke features. Just registering on the site will give you access to a wide range of benefits. We serve customers throughout the UK and internationally using our guaranteed insured postal service, if you are an investor looking to purchase English or European collectable coins we can help you with this!  

As we offer a personal service we may also help track down items which aren’t on our website for a small fee, are you looking for something specific?  We will do what we can to find it for you. 

We are industry experts with many combined years experience investing, ask us about how we started and what we are currently choosing to invest in. The latest market news, tips and advice are available from our blog and news sites, we also run a mailing list with weekly updates and articles to keep you up to date. We highly recommend signing up for our newsletter even if you don’t currently shop with us as we post some really interesting stuff which as an investor you wont want to miss! 


The Bleyer Investment Club 

Do you want to network with other like minded people? well by registering on our site you will be able to join in the conversation and comment on our blogs.  Also let us know if you are interested in opportunities to meet other like minded people in your area – if there is enough demand we can try to arrange some events. 

If you have any ideas as to how we could further develop this then let us know.  We are always keen to find ways to add value to what we do.


Buy Back Service 

We buy fine gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium bullion, please give us a call us today on 01769 618 618. We will be able to quote you a percentage on the live spot price for fine bars and coins.  If you are an existing customer we guarantee to buy back or help you sell your investments, If you have bought from us before we are likely to offer you a better price than 95% of other bullion companies.  


Start Investing today! 

We aren’t the biggest but for so many reasons we are considered by our customers to be the best place to buy investment metals in the UK. For first time investors, a small company will work in your favour to get you started, competitive pricing but also personal service and attention.  

The best way to begin learning about precious metals is to get involved and own some.  You can start a portfolio with only a few pounds.  No amount is too small so whether you have £30 or £3 million to invest we are happy to help. If you have been considering precious metal investments why not take action today and contact us by phone on 01769 618618, email us at or use the live chat facility on our website.

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