A lot of charities have taken a hit during the Coronavirus pandemic, and after recently raising a baby owl here on the Bleyer farm, we want to do what we can to ensure The Barn Owl Trust charity gets all the support it needs. Learn how our hand-poured silver bars are supporting The Barn Owl Trust during the coronavirus pandemic.



UPDATE: The baby barn owl is doing extremely well and is happily flying around the hills of North Devon. A big thank you to The Barn Owl Trust and all of you for your support.


Holding Baby Owl at Bleyer


We live in incredibly strange times so shining light on the glimmers of happiness that we see around us is important. We’re positioned out in the beautiful Devon countryside here at Bleyer, which gives us a unique look into the natural world.

One animal that has always had a place in our hearts is the majestic barn owl. We’ve had many new barn owls raised in our nest boxes here over the years and The Barn Owl Trust charity has always come to check up on them and ensured they’re healthy and being raised properly. This year was slightly different.

One of the barn owl boxes had a particularly curious and adventurous owl that didn’t want to stay in his box with the others. As The Barn Owl Trust has lost a lot of fundraising opportunities this summer, and with the majority of the staff being fuloughed, only essential tasks can be carried out during the pandemic. Under their consultation and using the information on their website, we fed the owl to ensure it would survive outside of his box, whilst at the same time making sure it didn’t become too tame.


Barn Owl at Bleyer Owl box


After about 3 weeks of feeding the baby owly, The Barn Owl Trust came to do a check on him, and he now sits proudly amongst his fellow siblings back in the box, eagerly awaiting his first adventure. Looking after a baby owl had its challenges, but it made us see how vital services like The Barn Owl Trust are in ensuring the barn owl population continues to stabilise.


Supporting The Barn Owl Trust with Silver

In 2018, 2019 and 2020, we had a range of custom 2oz silver owl bars made for us by the amazing Backyard Bullion.

To help support our local charity even more during this time, over the next foreseeable period, we’ll be donating £20 (instead of £5) for every silver bar sold to The Barn Owl Trust.

Want to find out more about the bars? We did interviews with the man who made them – the man behind the hands himself – Mr Backyard Bullion. He even shows you how the bars are made. Watch these videos and the interview we had with him:


Read ‘Hand Poured Silver Charity Owl Bars Exclusive to Bleyer’ here.


Want to find out more about the charity? Before the pandemic, the Bleyer team went to spend the afternoon with The Barn Owl Trust to hand over the donation money raised from selling the first batch of silver owl bars. Read learn more about why we’ve chosen this charity and the impact the money has:


Read ‘Hand Poured Silver Charity Owl Bars Return to Bleyer’ here.


Order one of Bleyer’s 2oz Silver Owl Bars today if you would like to help support The Barn Owl Trust charity and add a nice piece of pure silver to your collection. There are two versions, a 2oz Silver Rectangle Charity Owl Bar or a 2oz Silver Square Charity Owl Bar and for every bar sold £20 from each purchase will go straight to The Barn Owl Trust.

You can purchase them via our website or by calling one of our friendly Bleyer team on 01769 618618. Also if you have somewhere suitable to place it, you can buy your own nest box from the Barn Owl Trust or even sponsor an owl yourself.


Barn Owl at Bleyer Square Silver Bar

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