The 2021 Britannia coin design has finally been revealed. This edition comes with some distinctly new features making it different from the rest of the previous Britannia coins.



2021 Britannia Coin Features

The 2021 Britannia design is different from the previous coin designs in a number of ways. One of the main reasons for doing this was so that The Royal Mint could add a new level of protection to the coin by using technology so enhanced that it reduces the ability for forgeries.

  1. A latent image changes from a padlock to Britannia’s famous trident
  2. Surface animation brings the background waves to life
  3. The union jack accented with tincture lines
  4. ‘Decus Et Tutamen’ micro text, translating to ‘an ornament and a safeguard’ around the edge


2021 Britannia Coin - Different Sizes


Bullion at Bleyer

The iconic 1oz Gold Britannia Coin and 1oz Silver Britannia Coin are now available from Bleyer, with more sizes being released soon. Remember all Britannia coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt while the Gold Britannia’s are also VAT free. Add yours to your collections today.



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