Bleyer’s blog is now even easier to use, our new features include an easy to navigate blog archive, easy search and screen apps. Below, our staff have picked a few of their favourite blogs from the archive which they think are well worth a read, if you missed them. 

Staff picks

Best of Gold

In this blog we look at why you should hold at least 5% of your portfolio in precious metals to hedge against deflation, history tells us that when other stocks are performing poorley, metals will jump.

In this very interesting page we take a look at the Eurozone crisis, how it was caused and what you can do to avoid any fallout if the Euro crashes further.

Best of Silver

In this blog we look at why silver will soon be truly rarer than gold, we examine the industrial forces using up the above ground supply.

A recent article on why our team believes that silver could be the big winner in 2015.


Many of our customers only invest in gold, silver or both however, in the following articles, we show why you might want to think about holding a more diversified portfolio.


A more recent article on why the price of oil dropped so suddenly, who was causing it and which nation(s) it impacted.


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