What is the difference between ‘Proof’, ‘Brilliant uncirculated’ and ‘Bullion coins’?

At Bleyer we focus on metal as an investment, we aim to offer the best value way to purchase your metal.

Most of our customers are interested in precious metals solely for metal value, however many of our customers are happy to pay a few extra pounds for their bullion to be manufactured into coin form.


Some of the benefits of choosing to purchase coins over bars include:

  1. A well-finished product with beautiful designs
  2. Easily recognisable
  3. They hold their value above the spot price
  4. Some raise in collectible value over time
  5. Some hold legal tender tax advantages (For example UK Britannia coins are CGT exempt)
  6. Perfect for interesting and memorable gifts
  7. A wide variety to choose from

When bullion coins are mass produced they are usually manufactured to two or three levels of quality; ‘bullion coins’, ‘brilliant uncirculated’ and ‘proof’.

Below is an excellent little video produced by the Royal Mint explaining the difference and why these ‘better quality versions’ are supposedly worth more than the bullion coins.



Did you know that Bleyer offers Royal Mint bullion coins at a lower prices than the Royal Mint…

(Prices correct at time of writing 4pm 21/04/2015

For example: 2015 1oz Gold Britannia

Their price: (1) £862.82 + Delivery Charge

Our price: (1) £856.57 (Includes Free Insured Delivery) 

Like for like, the same physical Royal Mint bullion coin delivered to a UK address is cheaper through Bleyer.


1oz Silver Britannia, Gold Sovereign and Gold Britannia Bullion Coins

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