The following is a look at some of the more unusual new coins we now stock which are in addition to the new standard current year offerings of our favourite mints.


The Royal Canadian Mint

Canadian Predator Series – First Release

Following the hugely successful 4 part Bird Of Prey Series, The Royal Canadian Mint has just launched the first coin in their new 4 part Predator Series – The Leaping Cougar. “Designed by Canadian artist Emily Damstra, a leaping cougar is shown against a background of precise radial lines. Inscriptions include CANADA, 9999, FINE SILVER, 1 OZ, ARGENT PUR and ED for the artist’s initials.” CoinNews.Net, 2016. 

Picture of 1oz Silver Canadian Silver Cougar Coin 2016

The Cougar Coin is produced from 1 troy ounce of fine .9999 silver and has a face value of 5 Canadian Dollars. Being the first in the series and with a limited mintage of just 1,000,000 these beautiful silver coins are sure to sell out. The other 3 coins will be released periodically with a new one coming out approximately every 6 months. If the previous series is anything to go by then these are certainly going to be worth investing in early on. Our first stock is expected late February. Check out our product listing and prices for the new Predator Series Cougar Coin.


1.5oz Canadian Silver Snow Falcon, 2016

The majestic Snow Falcon in flight by Canadian nature artist Steve Hepburn is the fourth release in the 1.5 oz series of coins featuring wildlife of the Canadian Arctic. Backed by the Canadian Government, the Silver Snow Falcon Coin is legal tender in Canada with a face value of 8 Canadian dollars.

An over-sized 38 in diameter and 4.5mm thick, these coins make a wonderful addition for both collectors and investors alike. Other coins in the series include: the 1.5 oz Polar Bear and Cub, the 1.5 oz Arctic Fox, and the 1.5 oz Maple Leaf. This very beautiful coin also has a maximum mintage of 1,000,000 coins, they won’t be available for very long. View our product listing and prices for the Silver Canadian Snow Falcon.

If you like the idea of these chunkier 1.5oz coins then take a look at the Multi-Maple leaf coins dated 2015.

The Chinese Mint

Chinese Gold & Silver Panda Coins Minted 2016.

The 2016 Panda is the first of it’s kind to be produced from metric gram measurements of fine gold rather than from troy ounces. The reason for this is because China has adopted the metric system, it will be interesting to see if other refiners decide to follow this trend. 

Traditionally Chinese gold pandas are not always readily available internationally. The Chinese are well known by those interested in physical gold as probably being the largest net buyer of gold in the world. There is a large market for these coins in China since they are a nation that has always valued this commodity hence the international supply can sometimes be unreliable. 

These new 2016 versions are now available from Bleyer in the following metals and sizes: Silver 30g, Gold 30g, Gold 15g, Gold 8g, Gold 3g, Gold 1g.


Chinese Lunar Year Of The Monkey

Several mints worldwide release products in line with the Lunar Calendar. Starting February 8th, we are now in the lunar year of the monkey until January 28th 2017 from then we will be in the Year of the Rooster.

Bleyer supplies popular lunar products from The Royal Mint UK and The Perth Mint, Australia.

The Royal Mint Lunar Year Of The Monkey

The Royal Mint has just released the third coin in their lunar series, introducing the Royal Mint’s Lunar Monkey. Following the extremely successful sell out years of the the Horse and the Sheep the monkey is expected to sell out in record time. This is a 12 part series and we are now in year 3. If you would like to collect the whole set we would urge our customers to buy the early years soon before they are just not available at all. At the time of writing this we do have just a couple gold sheep and horses left in stock, contact us soon to avoid disappointment. 

The Royal Mint Lunar Monkey, available now from Bleyer in the following metals and sizes: Silver 1oz, Gold 1oz.

The Perth Mint Lunar Year Of The Monkey

Also released in extremely limited mintages the Perth Mint’s year of the monkey has already been very popular with our customers especially in the large silver 1kg and 5oz coins due to their amazing low VAT inclusive pricing. Available now in the following metals and sizes: Silver 1oz, Silver 5oz, Silver 1kg, Gold 1oz.

Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo

The Perth Mint is pleased to present the first-ever Australian Kangaroo 1 oz Silver bullion coin struck in .9999 fine Silver. This coins are different to the above in that they have unlimited mintage like the UK Britannia. A visually stunning coin to hold, a unique addition to your collection – we have now taken our first stock of this coin so you can pick some up today at our fantastic VAT inclusive rates.

Click here to view the Silver Kangaroo. 

1oz Silver Somalia Elephant, 2016.

Picture of 1oz Silver Somalia Elephant Coin, 2016

The Somalian Elephant coin is one of the most unique coins produced in the world. It has been struck on behalf of Somalia since 2004 in both gold and silver. With new designs released each year and purity levels of .999, these coins are coveted by investors and collectors alike. We are happy to be able to offer these coins at such a fantastic price because they are already Vat paid. 

Click here to view the product.

1oz Silver Rwanda African Meerkat

The 2015 African Meerkat is the 9th coin in the highly rated Rwanda Wildlife series. Minted in Germany by renowned manufacturers B H Mayer, these exceptional silver bullion coins carry a weight of one troy ounce and have a 99.9% purity. At the bottom of the seal are the Kinyarwanda words UBUMWE-UMURIMO-IGIHUGU which translates to English as Unity, Work, Patriotism. Along the upper rim are the words BANKI NKURU Y’U RWANDA indicating the coins are issued and backed by the Bank of Rwanda. Along the bottom are the words AMAFARANGA, MIRONGO ITANU indicating the money is legal tender in Rwanda.

Click here to view the Silver Meerkats.


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