The Panda collection continues with the new 2018 gold and silver coins. This year, the coin features a close up of an adorable panda holding a bamboo branch.

The Chinese regard the Panda Bear as a symbol for friendship and peace. The panda has an important place in Chinese culture and history. The panda was often compared to the yin and yang because of its black and white spots, standing in stark contrast to one another. The panda’s calm demeanor was a demonstration of how, when balanced, the yin yang were harmonious and peaceful and many people revere it as a symbol of good luck.

These are the 2018 Chinese Panda coins that Bleyer stock:

The Panda coin is different to many other coins due to the annually changing design. The reverse of the panda always has the Temple of Heaven, Beijing displayed, the border of Scriptures and the date changes depending on the year. The obverse of the coin depicts the denomination and Panda bears, these illustrations change every year. In 1982 the coin had no nominal value but since then its face value has increased in line with the steady rise in the price of gold.

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