Another truly spectacular design from The Royal Mint. The penultimate installment of The Royal Mint’s stunning Queen’s Beast series is finally here. Introducing the 2020 Queen’s Beast White Horse of Hanover coin.



Coin Design

The White Horse of Hanover rears on its hind legs and stands tall against the familiar chainmail background of the Queen’s Beast series. The Arms of George I shield is in front of the White Horse and represents centuries of royal bloodlines. The three lions of England and the lion of Scotland are in the first quarter, the fleur-de-lis of France in the second, and the Irish harp in the third quarter, and the Arms of Hanover in the fourth quarter.


What is the White Horse of Hanover?

White horses have appeared in the mythology of cultures around the world throughout history. In heraldry, the horse is traditionally a symbol of speed, intellect and virility. The first documented use of the white horse in heraldry comes from the seal of Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhaben in 1361.

The animal is also routed in Germany-Saxon history. The White Horse was also a symbol of the Hanoverian German Kings and became part of the British Royal Arms in 1714.

Although the White Horse of Hanover was removed from the Royal Arms in 1837, it remains an image reminiscent of the Hanoverian family history, ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II.

The white horse is also a familiar symbol in Kent. The Kentish white horse is always depicted as rearing but the White Horse of Hanover is shown at full gallop. Interesting that the Royal Mint chose to show this White Horse in a rearing position instead of a more prominent gallop.

The 1oz Gold White Horse of Hanover Coin and the 2oz Silver White Horse of Hanover Coin are now available from Bleyer, with 1/4oz Gold also available.


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