Over the last fortnight we’ve noticed a higher than normal number of articles on the rising, and often unnecessary, cost of a wedding. There seems to be two schools of thought – blow the money on a lavish wedding or be so sensible as to possibly miss the wonder of such a day.


  1. The Guardian highlighted both that Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins now sell wedding dresses and the rise of the Peacock Groom.
  2. The Daily Mail wrote a hilarious satire on the whole wedding fiasco
  3. The Telegraph, on the other hand, delivered a characteristically more sensible piece on budgeting or “Wedmin” (Wedding Admin.)
  4. And the BBC obtusely ran a piece about a 33 year old newly married “millennial” who can’t get onto the housing market compared to his “baby boomer” father who owns a 4 bedroom house. It was fairly predictable writing which didn’t inspire respect between two generations but what is commonly referred to as “Age Rage” – a disdain by each group to the other. 


But of course what fascinated us was not the thinly veiled BBC bias but a throw away line that the young man couldn’t afford a deposit – “Having spent a lot of their savings on their wedding in Las Vegas last month, the only option was to rent.” 

Like my Gramps used to say, “You can sometimes afford what you want but you cannot afford all that you want. Choose wisely, because once the money’s spent, it’s spent.”   

Wedding in Vegas or a house deposit? As they say, “What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas” and on this occasion what stayed in Vegas was their money!


Bride and Groom getting married at the alter with friends and family


A Wedding Gift of common sense or extravagance?


Thankfully, it can be both. Buy Gold and bring both financial planning and sparkle to the proceedings for your friends and loved ones!


I once gave a small Gold bar to some friends for their Silver Wedding Anniversary, the idea being “Here’s to the next 25 years!” The wife had been ill with cancer and recovered, so I wanted to help them look forward to their Golden Anniversary and many more years together. The party was overseas, so I simply popped it in my hand luggage, gift wrapped and ready to go. 

If it’s a small bar it will be well below the amount one has to declare but do check your airline website and countries limit before flying and tailor your gift accordingly.


Newly wed couple making heart shapes with their hands


Needless to say they absolutely loved it. Plus, it had the added benefit of immediately starting a fun conversation about the pros of Gold investing. It turned out his brother had started investing in Gold too, so not only was it an eye-catching and much talked-about gift but it encouraged their research into investing in Gold themselves. So, to recap:


Gold as a Wedding Gift

  1. A Gold bar or coin is a highly unique and impressive gift
  2. Gold is a timeless gift of wealth protection
  3. It will help the couple think “Financial Education” in their marriage
  4. It cannot be easily squandered
  5. It’s easily transportable both to and from the wedding
  6. It works just as well as an Anniversary present
  7. Coins are dated with the year of marriage or anniversary

Assortment of Gold bullion bars are perfect for wedding gifts


Gold Wedding Gift ideas!

Depending on your budget, here is a list of Gold coins or bars available from Bleyer:





A Variety of Gold Coins in 1oz sizes or fractions of an ounce and from a variety of countries. Of course, we’ve been talking about Gold today but Silver is also a great Wedding or Anniversary Gift choice.


Summer Special Offers!

Check out Bleyer’s Special Offers page for the latest Gold and Silver gifts at a reduced price.

Assortment of 1oz Gold bullion coins are perfect for wedding gifts

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