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When questioned, many business people will answer that their greatest resource is their product. A great deal of time is spent within the marketing brainstorm deciding how to sell ‘the product.’ 


The greatest leaders I’ve met in business see things from a slightly different perspective. They believe, regardless of the market sector, their greatest company resource is its people. Good staff make a business, they literally light it up.


So, if you run a business, or are influencial within one, how do you retain quality people that hold their creative compass, regardless of passing influences to change tack? It’s really simple – value them. Both salary and the occasional respectful bonus go a long way to giving back to the quality staff that give to any business.”


Corporate team being rewarded with precious metals


Valuing One’s Employees

We understand inherently that we are not our jobs, that our value as a person is not derived from the money the company for which we work makes, nor is the true value of many people’s work fairly recognized across society. The most valuable work is often underpaid, parenting, being a parent figure or working in charity and community work, for example. 

But, on the other hand, it is equitable and healthy to expect our work and time to be valued, for both employees and employers. Bills need to be paid after all and who hasn’t been uplifted by a bonus?!


Value your employees when they work hard


Have you ever thought of rewarding your employees with Gold and Silver products?

So, a bonus can be given in Gold and Silver coins and bars, defined in the HMRC Manual on Bonuses of a “readily convertible asset” in Section 702 ITEPA 2003:

  1. An asset capable of being sold or otherwise realised on the London Bullion Market (see EIM11902)
  2. The rules vary between PAYE and self-employed, so do visit GOV.UK for more details but essentially it’s very straightforward; you can give your employees Gold and Silver bullion coins or bars as a bonus.
  3. This is Money explain it very simply: “the bonus payment counts as earnings, so it must be added to the employee’s other earnings and PAYE tax and National Insurance contributions must be deducted using the employer’s usual payroll procedures.”
  4. What a unique timeless bonus, not easily frittered away and a great way to say without words by its own timeless and inherent value that “We value you and what you bring to this project and company.”
  5. The coin’s design or bar can be specifically tailored to the interests of your employees.
  6. There is a wide variety of values available, making Gold and Silver the perfect staff bonus for both small, medium and larger businesses. The choice is vast.
  7. The timeless, non-seasonal designs allow for bonuses on birthdays and retirements, as well as the more traditional Christmas bonus.


A business man and business woman have a meeting outside in the sunshine


Bleyer’s picks

Of course, what you’d choose as a gift, is dependent on different factors; including how much you’re planning on spending per employee. Are there any visual elements appropriate to your business (like animals, connection to specific countries)? If you’d like to start a tradition of giving, why not gift your employees that year’s addition to an annual set? If you’re still stuck, have a browse through our huge selection of gold coins and silver coins for more inspiration. 

10oz Silver UK Queen's Beasts Lion 2017 Coin

10oz Silver Beasts 

  • First design in the new 10 part 10oz Queen’s Beasts series
  • Legal tender in the UK, CGT exempt (UK)
  • Each 10oz silver Beast contains 10 troy ounces (311.035 grams) of 999.9 fine silver
  • Price inclusive of VAT and insured delivery to a UK address


UK Gold Sovereign, 2017 (200th Anniversary)2017 Gold Sovereign

  • New current year Gold Sovereigns minted 2017
  • Legal tender in the UK, CGT exempt (UK) VAT Free (UK/EC)
  • The 2017 has the addition of a privy mark on the reverse to acknowledge its 200th anniversary
  • Each Sovereign contains 7.3219 Grams Of Gold
  • Sovereigns are constructed of 22 carat gold or 91.76% purity and 8.33% copper


1oz Silver Britannia 2017 coin stood next to coin tube2017 1oz Silver Britannia

  • Wholesale purchase discounts available
  • Each 1oz Silver Britannia contains one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of 999.9 fine silver
  • Price inclusive of VAT and insured delivery
  • Legal tender and CGT exempt (UK)
  • Good stock available for immediate despatch from our UK offices


The Royal Mint's Lunar Collection containing 1oz monkey, horse, sheep, rooster silver coins1oz Silver UK Lunar 4 Coin Set

  • Each 1oz silver Lunar coin contains one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of 999.9 fine silver
  • The silver Lunar set is produced by the UK’s Royal Mint with a limited mintage
  • Legal tender in the UK, CGT exempt (UK)
  • Single coins will be supplied in hard plastic capsules
  • Supplied as new in brilliant uncirculated condition


Visit Bleyer’s Special Offers page throughout the year

Many Special Offers are available at discount prices throughout the year, plus discounts are available on multiple purchases of the same product. So, as an employer, Bleyer offer a way to buy throughout the year ready for Bonus season. Or, if you’re after something special for a retirement, or just to find out more, speak to one of the team on 01769 618618 or email Alternatively request a chat with Caroline Peers, Bleyer’s CEO, who brings years of experience of bespoke customer care in all manner of wealth and asset management.


1KG Umicore Gold and Silver bullion bars lying down

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