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2024 Chinese Panda Coins

Since its introduction in 1982, the Chinese Panda series has captured the hearts of collectors and investors worldwide. Every edition contains a new adorable design and impeccable craftsmanship making these coins attractive in any collection. Chinese Pandas are produced by the China Gold Coin Incorporation (CGCI).

The 2024 edition of the 30g Gold and Silver Chinese Panda Coins, continues this tradition of excellence.

Here we explore the significance and evolution of the Panda series, and the captivating design featured on the 2024 releases.


The Chinese Panda Coins

The Chinese Gold Panda, initially introduced in 1982, has undergone several transformations over the years.

Originally struck in pure .999 fine gold, the coins denominated in troy ounces, were discontinued at the end of 2015. Aligning with China’s adoption of the metric system, coins were then struck in grams instead of troy ounces.

The CGCI, under the ownership of the People’s Bank of China, has been a key player in producing Panda coins in various sizes. Catering to the diverse preferences of collectors and investors these include 3g Gold8g Gold, and the sought-after 30g Gold and 30g Silver coins.

2024 Chinese Panda Coins

2024 Chinese Panda Coins Design

The popularity of the 2024 Panda coins lies not only in their precious metal content but also in the meticulously crafted and attractive designs. The quality and variety of design has resulted in Pandas becoming highly coveted coins within the global market.

On the reverse, the coin features an adult Panda and its cub sitting together. It’s a heart-warming image of the iconic panda bear. This design choice highlights the natural beauty of pandas symbolising the importance of harmony and family bonds in Chinese culture. In modern times this metal is still associated with wealth, power, and beauty.

The obverse reveals the timeless image of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the earliest structure of The Temple of Heaven in Beijing. This architectural marvel serves as a testament to China’s rich cultural heritage and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The coin’s border band proudly displays the Chinese characters for “People’s Republic of China,” and the base showcases the year of issue.


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China Gold Coin Incorporation (CGCI)

Founded in 1987, the CGCI has played a significant role in producing and distributing Chinese precious metal coins. Under the ownership of the People’s Bank of China, CGCI has consistently maintained high standards of quality and design.

The popularity of Chinese Panda coins is also due to China’s reputation as one of the world’s largest net buyers of gold. The Chinese demand for gold has created a robust market for these exquisite pieces within the country as well as internationally.


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