12 x 1oz Silver Tokelau Zodiac Coins, 2021 (Full Set)

£364.69 (ex. VAT)

These 2021 1oz Silver Zodiac Coins are produced by Pressburg Mint.

This listing contains the full 12 coin set. Each 1oz coin contains 31.1035 grams of silver with a 999.9 purity.

Each coin is supplied in uncirculated condition.

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1x£364.69 (ex. VAT)
12 x 1oz Silver Tokelau Zodiac Coins, 2021 (Full Set)£364.69 (ex. VAT)


  • Expected to arrive mid-late July
  • Brand new coins dated 2021, in uncirculated condition
  • Price displayed includes insured UK delivery
  • Each silver coin contains one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of fine silver
  • The full silver set totals twelve troy ounces (373.242 grams) of fine silver
  • Each silver coin is manufactured with a 999.9 purity
  • There are an unlimited number minted by Pressburg Mint
  • Silver Zodiacs are legal tender in the Islands of Tokelau with a face value of $5


Zodiac Cancer Coin Background

Pressburg Mint has created a magnificent Zodiac Series for the Islands of Tokelau. In astrology, the Zodiac is divided into twelve signs, each occupying 30° of the sky, and each sign representing its corresponding star constellation. These star signs famously include; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Pressburg Mint produces these Zodiac coins individually in 1oz Silver.


Set Coin Design

There are a total of twelve coin designs from the talented Pressburg Mint to celebrate the zodiac. Each features a constellation in a breathtaking tribal design that uses delicate patterns and shapes to form each image. The word of each Zodiac is included on each coin design with the star constellation sign. The rest of the zodiac signs appear in a border around the edge of the coin.


Pressburg Mint Background

Pressburg Mint is a private Slovakian mint which, after more than 300 years, has renewed its tradition of minting bullion in Bratislava. King Sigismund of Hungary granted the city of Bratislava mint privileges back in 1430, and the Bratislava Mint (Pressburg Mint) was established. The three centuries after that it minted silver coins which the country used as currency.

Now the Pressburg Mint (Bratislava Mint) is back and is continuing its historical tradition with a modern approach. Using the latest technologies, in conjunction with innovative design, they produce unique coins, which are not only great investment coins and a store of wealth but are also amazing works of art with collectible value.

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Additional information

Weight 373.242 kg

999.9 Fineness




Thickness: 2.8mm, Diameter: 38.6mm






31.1035g (1oz)

Fine weight



$5 NZD


Pressburg Mint