10oz Silver UK Valiant Coin, 2019

£320.26 (ex. VAT)

These 2019 10oz Silver Valiant Coins are produced by The Royal Mint.

Each 10oz Valiant contains 311.035 grams of silver with a 999.9 purity.

Each coin is supplied in uncirculated condition.

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1x£320.26 (ex. VAT)
10oz Silver UK Valiant Coin, 2019£320.26 (ex. VAT)


  • Brand new coins dated 2019, in uncirculated condition
  • Price displayed includes insured UK delivery
  • These coins are Captial Gains Tax (CGT) Free
  • Each Silver Valiant contains one troy ounce (311.035 grams) of fine silver
  • The Valiant Coin is manufactured with a 999.9 purity
  • There are an unlimited number minted by The Royal Mint
  • Silver Valiants are legal tender in the UK with a face value of £10
  • Each coin comes in its original capsule from the mint. We send these coins out as we receive them


Valiant Coin Background

Saint George is the patron saint of England. He originally appeared in stories told by the medieval Eastern Orthodox Church which were then brought back to Europe by the Crusaders in the 10th century. The story of George slaying the dragon was then further published in The Golden Legend written by 13th-century Archbishop of Genoa Jacobus de Voragine.

It was said that Saint George was a Roman Soldier from the third century AD, who was condemned to death for refusing to give up his Christian faith, by the Roman Emporer Diocletian. Because of his courage, he has become a symbolic and heroic figure to many across the world, and in 1348 Edward the III made him the patron saint of England. The Cross of Saint George also continues to take its place amongst national pride as the official national flag of England.

The first edition of this design was a 10oz version that came out in 2018 and was the first incuse bullion coin design produced by The Royal Mint. Years later, it continues to be a hugely successful series.

The Royal Mint produces Valiant coins in 1oz Silver and 10oz Silver.


Valiant Coin Design

Artist Etienne Millner has captured the image of Saint George in the moment of triumph, as he is slaying the dragon, in a contemporary interpretation of the ancient legend.

The coin design features a detailed image of George on horseback, with his lance poised and ready to strike while the dragon writhes at his feet.


The Royal Mint Background

The Royal Mint is a national treasure, making beautifully crafted coins and medals for countries all over the world. Over a thousand years of craftsmanship and artistry ensures every piece they strike is a long-lasting piece of history.

The Royal Mint is listed as an active Good Delivery Refiner by the London Bullion Market Association.

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Additional information

Weight 311.0350 kg

999.9 Fineness


United Kingdom






The Royal Mint


311.035g (10oz)

Fine weight



£10 GBP

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