We all love beautiful things.  Gold and Silver Investment Coins are no different, in fact they are amongst the world’s most sought after and classic mini works-of-art, highly valued in all countries around the globe. But unlike modern works of art, which can go in and out of fashion, Gold and Silver Coins hold their historical value, regardless of century or culture.

The advantages of owning physical coins are vast:

  • coins are easily transferable and portable
  • Gold coins are all VAT exempt
  • they make stunning and unique gifts to family members
  • one can collect several from a series to build up quite a stunning portfolio
  • they create a breath-taking and unusual display and keep very well under glass or in a plastic container
  • Gold Sovereigns, Gold and Silver Britannia coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt
  • available in different sizes and priced accordingly
  • a timeless keepsake to pass on to future generations in a will 
  • they are extremely easy to re-sell as coins remain timeless and highly popular
  • many are legal tender in UK, Europe, US, Canada, China, South Africa and many other countries (see individual coins)

2015 UK Britannia Gold and Silver Bullion coin

So let’s take a look in more detail at the large selection of Gold and Silver coins available at Bleyer Bullion:
In terms of beauty, a personal favourite is the Austrian Philharmoniker.  This is due to the quite unique design – on the obverse of the coin is a set of musical instruments (string bass, cellos, violins, a bassoon, harp and Viennese horn) representing the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The reverse features a concert hall in which the Orchestra performs.
The Austrian Mint first minted the Philharmoniker in 1989 and it was the first gold coin to be issued in Euros. This one has a face value of €100 and is the only large scale gold coin produced as legal tender in Europe. The Gold Philharmoniker is also available in 1/2oz €50, 1/4oz €25 and 1/10oz €10. It is very popular with collectors because of its beauty, good quality and purity. These coins are VAT free (gold) and CGT free for Europeans and will be an excellent addition to your investment portfolio or as gifts to family and friends.

UK Collectors Coins

Our most frequently sold coin and by far the most recognisable in the Great Britain is the UK Britannia both in Gold and Silver:

The legendary figure of Britannia has symbolised Britain’s strength and integrity on coinage since Roman times. Little wonder then that the Britannia with such a depth of history behind it, has been a popular choice with bullion investors ever since its introduction in 1987. This new specification combined with its tradition and integrity gives new life for today’s investment customer. Gold continues to be desired, as it has been for centuries, for both its beauty and value. Bleyer is delighted to offer you an affordable way to appreciate its precious qualities by purchasing the 2015 Gold Britannia Bullion Coin. Issued as UK legal tender, each coin is meticulously struck by The Royal Mint from 999.9 fine gold. Coins are designed for mass storage and safe transit, providing exceptional convenience for all gold bullion coin buyers. The 2015 UK Britannia Gold Bullion coin features Philip Nathan’s original, breathtaking portrait of Britannia framed in a crenellated border unique to Britannia coins. The figure of Britannia has long been a symbol of national pride. This classic design is instantly recognised across the world as a timeless image of strength and grace. No wonder this is our most popular coin. But the stand out investment advantage is that the Britannia, along with the UK Sovereign, is classified as a coin of the realm and is therefore Capital Gains Tax free, in addition to be VAT exempt – a true British great.

The popularity of this beautiful coin is closely followed by it’s smaller cousin, the UK Sovereign.

The Sovereign offers a sense of luxury, history and symbolism that no other coin can match. With its bold St George and the Dragon design, it has become an internationally recognised symbol of unrivaled accuracy, integrity and strength. To this day, it remains trusted, traded, respected and admired the world over. The Sovereign has always been produced by The Royal Mint, an institution with more than 1,000 years of heritage and experience, and we continue to preserve the quality and accuracy of the coin to this day – the standard by which other coins are measured. In addition, the Sovereign reigns as the coin of portability, as it is roughly the same diameter as a £1 coin, so it is easily transportable.  It is also available in the Half Sovereign size which makes this collectors piece accessible, while maintaining both the VAT and Capital Gains Tax advantages of a Coin of the Realm.


Limited Edition Gold and Silver Britannia

Start or add to your collection with this limited edition Year of the Sheep 1 ounce Britannia coin and Year of the Horse 1 ounce coin, pressed by the Royal Mint for the first time. These lovely coins are produced in 999.0 quality fine gold and are being released as a stunningly crafted series. Unlike the new Britannias these are a limited edition. These coins are VAT free (gold) and CGT free and will be an excellent addition to your investment portfolio. These truly are miniature works of art.


American Coins

Moving further afield, Bleyer stock and can obtain for you many rare and collectible investment coins in both Gold and Silver from other countries.  How about the Worlds most popular investment coin – the American Eagle? If you or your family are US residents, these coins will provide you with an investment hedge against Capital Gains Tax in the USA. Also, as they are available in sizes containing the following weights of pure gold 1oz, 1/2oz 1/4oz and 1/10oz sizes, the American Eagle provides a highly flexible investment size. 

Available in both Gold and Silver, this coin is both practical and ethereal in it’s design – a long standing classic.  The Gold American Eagle Coins are produced in 22ct gold.  The alloy means they are harder wearing than pure gold and as with all our other coins, are sold by their gold content. The obverse design of the Gold Eagle features Liberty with flowing hair, holding a torch and an olive branch. The reverse features a male eagle carrying an olive branch, protecting a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchlings. 


American Gold Buffalo

Another stunning addition to your collection is the heritage of the American Buffalo, or the coin that is simply known among collectors as the Gold Buffalo. It is a 24ct gold bullion coin which is legal tender in the US.  This was first offered for sale by the United States Mint in June 2006. The coin follows the greatly admired design of the Indian Head nickel and has gained its nickname from the American Bison on the reverse side of the design. This was the first time ever that the US government has minted pure (.9999) 24-karat gold coins for the public. Due to a combination of the coin’s popularity and the tremendous increase in the price of gold since its creation the coin’s value has increased considerably in a short time of just a few years. The initial 2006 U.S. Mint price of the proof coin was $80 in 2007.

In addition to requiring a presidential dollar coin series to begin in 2007 and redesigning the cent in 2009, the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 mandated the production of a one-ounce 24-karat gold bullion coin with a face value of $50 and a mintage limit of up to 300,000 coins. The design of the American Buffalo gold bullion coin is a modified version of James Earle Fraser’s design for the Indian Head nickel (Type 1), issued in early 1913. After a raised mound of dirt below the animal on the reverse was reduced, the Type 2 variation continued to be minted for the rest of 1913 and every year until 1938, except for 1922, 1932, and 1933 when no nickels were struck. Generally, Fraser’s Indian Head nickel design is regarded as among the best designs of any U.S. coins. The same design also was used on the 2001 Smithsonian commemorative coin. As well as collectors these will be popular with US residents as a hedge against Capital Gains Tax in USA.

If you would like to increase your collection of coins but cannot quite reach to the full 1oz price of Gold, we also stock and can obtain for you a variety of Silver coins, each itself a miniature work of craftsmanship, historic value and beauty.  These are particularly good coins to introduce younger family members to, and what better way to save one’s pocket or birthday money!


Canadian Bird of Prey Set

We offer at Bleyer a truly stunning Silver Bird of Prey Coin Set for incredible value for money. Be assured this set will be the envy of many, with the series containing unique and majesty designs of the Falcon, Eagle and the Hawk – a masterpiece of synergy between the medium of precious metal and birds of prey that epitomize strength, longevity and rarity. The first coin in this series, featuring the Peregrine Falcon launched in February 2014, and is now approaching a sell-out of its mintage of one million coins. The second in the series, the Bald Eagle launched in July 2014. The third in the series, the “Red-Tailed Hawk” was released on the 30th January 2015. The 4th in the series will be announced and released around July 2015 and is not included in this sale but we will stock it in the future. What’s more, these are Full 1-ounce 99.99% pure silver coin crafted in bullion finish; an attractive acquisition for both first-time precious metals buyers and long-term investors. Be quick to own this beautiful coin collection.

Chinese Panda Collectors Coins:

The final coin we are going to highlight today in our Smart Coin Collectors Guide is the truly exquisite Chinese Panda. It is somewhat poetic in design that the Panda itself is rare and sought after and so too is this coin by the discerning collector and investor and once again, Bleyer can obtain these coins of delightful design in both Gold and Silver. This Chinese silver bullion coin was introduced in 1983, a year after the release of the popular Panda gold coin. Known around the world for investors and collectors, the coins are unique in that each year a new panda design is published. This typically leads to higher premiums compared to the silver bullion coins from other mints worldwide.  They can also be in short supply as a result.The silver pandas in the 80s had different specifications. Remarkably, there were at least two different sizes and different compositions of silver (0.900 and 0.925 fine silver). During the 90’s, two versions were minted – proof and uncirculated. Beginning in 1989 and until today, the silver pandas minted in .999 fine silver contains 1 troy ounce and have a diameter of 40 mm. Since 1998, the coins are issued only in uncirculated quality.The design of the front, as in the Gold version, depicts the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and the year of issue. These sought-after collectors coins are available in a variety of sizes, please call or email for details.

Collecting any and all of these Gold and Silver investment coins – or bullion Gold and Silver as is known in the precious metals trade – is the perfect combination of beauty, rarity and investment sense.  The TAX advantages are high plus the variety and ability to collect in series and limited editions adds a lifelong attraction to these stunning coins.

Bleyer Bullion offer investors and those looking for precious gifts the opportunity to buy a variety of gold and silver bullion coins from around the world. While these collectors coins are highly transportable and easy to store in terms of size, many of our clients also like to use our preferred custodians in terms of value and rarity, for safe, secure, fully insured bullion storage facilities of their gold bars and coins. Whilst coins tend to cost very slightly more than bars they may carry the added advantage of being not only VAT free but also CGT (Capital Gains Tax) free. We offer gold bullion coins from around the world, all coins sold through Bleyer meet the criteria for investment gold and are atleast 22 ct or above. All investment gold is exempt from VAT and many gold coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. If you are considering buying gold for your SIPP bars are a cheaper alternative.  Bleyer are approved for the purchase and storage of SIPP Pension or SSAS Pension Gold.

Call now on 01769 618618 or email sales@bleyer.co.uk

We wish you many years of great pleasure in increasing your Gold and Silver Coin Collection. As all the above coins are also considered ‘pure’ bullion, they offer the very best in investment savvy without the high premiums of lesser known or valuable coins – a safe but beautiful way to own and acquire your own personal Gold and Silver.





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