Buying Physical Gold – Your Tax Free Options.

We at Bleyer have a very high code of ethics.  Working with a product as valuable and traditional as Gold gives us that perspective. But if there is a way to legally avoid paying tax we like to inform our clients about it.

Did you know that ALL Gold Bullion bars and coins are free from V.A.T.?  So that is a saving of 20% right there.  Gold jewellery does not have this advantage but investing in any of our Gold Bullion products does.

For example, buying a 1oz Gold Britannia coin will cost around £1,130.  About the same price as a good gold ring.  But by buying the V.A.T. free coin you will now own 20% more Gold for your money. This automatically increases your investment without you having to do anything.  Wisdom is often found in what form we choose to buy our Gold.  Everyone knows Gold is valuable.  It has been a traditional store of wealth for centuries.

A further advantage to buying bullion coins and bars is that you will know exactly how much Gold you have  –  it is pure bullion – 999.99% Gold.

This is vital for when you come to sell it back, either to Bleyer or any other Bullion company.  The money you receive back for your investment, is based on the gold content.

Gold Jewellery, on the other hand, is often called ‘scrap gold’ and selling it back puts the client sometimes at risk of being under-quoted the true value of their Gold, simply because the client cannot easily tell the exact content, the daily current fix price and the grams of Gold in their jewellery.

However, when someone wishes to sell Gold bullion coins or bars to Bleyer, we quote the price based on the daily current fix price, which can be verified by you the client by simply checking the London Bullion Market Association website, which is where we get our Gold Fix price from too.  The process is extremely transparent, accurate and most importantly the client can see exactly how accountable we are to them.  We typically buy back at 95% to 98% of the daily fix price and the only factor that affects this is the condition of the bar or coin.  It’s that straight-forward.

So buying Gold bullion from Bleyer will save you V.A.T and peace of mind.  But there is even more inside knowledge which we would like to share with you.

If you buy certain Gold products from us, you will save not only your V.A.T. but also your Capital Gains Tax as well.  This is the tax you pay when you make a gain on the sale of an asset.  A certain amount is exempt (currently £10,600 pa), and then after that you pay tax on your gain.  Is there a way out of this legally, transparently and by using Gold Bullion as your investment?

There is.  The 1oz Gold Britannia coin, as well as the smaller Gold Sovereign coin, is actually classed as legal tender in the United Kingdom.  Because of this they are both Capital Gains Tax free!  C.G.T. rates currently stand for personal gain between 18%- 28%, so this is a considerable saving, simply by investing in certain physical Gold products over others.  We have clients who have bought large amounts of their investments in these 1oz Gold coins, thereby lining up for themselves potential massive savings later on.

The 1 oz Silver Britannia coin is also C.G.T. free as it is also classed as a ‘coin of the realm’.  But silver does however incur V.A.T which would effectively off-set the C.G.T. gain.

So, if you have an investment to make, consider placing your money into Physical Gold to save yourself both your V.A.T. and your C.G.T.   If you do not wish to take physical delivery of your Gold, we offer a secure storage facility in the U.K. for a small fee.  Your Gold remains under your title in an allocated account.  For a small transfer fee to cover administration, you can change your mind and take delivery at any time.

To find out how simple it is to enter the Physical Gold, and Silver, market call one of the Bleyer Team on: 01769 618618 or email:


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