Gold Bullion Storage

£50.00 (VAT Exempt)

Information on how to store your gold bars and coins professionally, in one of Bleyer’s fully insured UK or offshore vaults.

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Gold Bullion Storage£50.00 (VAT Exempt)


Bleyer’s physical gold storage rates are incredibly competitive in the UK, you won’t find a better price for allocated bullion vaulting. We work tirelessly to offer unbeaten levels of support and flexibility in our service, our industry leading bullion vaulting is second to none.

Storage for gold with Bleyer is calculated at 0.8% per annum of the gold fix price (calculated on a daily basis) based on the quantity of GOLD you have stored with us. There is no minimum contract length, take delivery at any time.  For larger holdings this rate may be negotiated.

Some companies offering ‘allocated storage’ offer you the chance to own a percentage of a larger market bar kept in their safe, you will never hold or see these bars, you won’t actually be able to take delivery. We offer storage for your own physical bullion coins and bars, segregated and marked as yours in our secure, insured 3rd party vault. You can take delivery at any time for just £50 + P&P.

Although there is no minimum we will accept for storage, we would suggest as a guide figure that you should be looking to hold at least 10oz in our vaults for this method of storage to be cost effective. This doesn’t mean that you have to have 10oz to begin a storage contract, you can easily add to the amount you are holding over time. If you own more than one type of metal (For example both Gold and Silver) you can store them in the same vault. Please be aware that although gold is not, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium are all subject to VAT in the UK, we can offer tax efficient, VAT free sales and storage in our channel islands vault.

A £50.00 fee plus VAT is charged to cover the additional overheads levied by our provider for putting your gold in, or taking it out, of the facility. Delivery charges are passed on at cost and insurance is included in your daily storage fee.

Storage Procedure

1. Apply for a metal account

The purpose of your Bleyer metal account will be to buy and sell bullion and to pay storage fees. The first step you will need to take it so complete our short client application form as found Here. If you are representing a limited company or other entity and would like to open an account on it’s behalf then please contact Bleyer for our business application form.

2. Send us your metal

Buy your metal through us or send metal you already have to us for storage. Any items sent to us should be posted via a tracked service with adequate insurance. Once your metal arrives to us, we verify the contents and send it onto the vault.

3. Movement of Bullion

Bullion movement can only be actioned by the metal account holder or by someone who has been pre-certified and authorised to do so, for example a trustee acting on behalf of a client.

4. Cost of storage

Storage for gold with Bleyer is calculated at 0.8% per annum of the gold fix price (calculated on a daily basis) based on the quantity of GOLD you have stored with us.

5. How to pay

You can choose to top up your account in advance, or pay your bills monthly or quarterly. We are extremely flexible, some of our clients transfer us an amount of their earnings monthly to be spent on metal for storage, we then agree with the customer what we will purchase for them and at what price, it is then sent to storage. Some customers prefer to buy their whole investment in a one off amount, it is then vaulted and the client pays for their storage annually.  Please note that movement of metals out of the vault will be prohibited until all storage charges have been paid.

5. Additional handling charges

Although there are no charges for movement or withdrawal of funds, any movement of bullion in and out of the vault will incur a handling fee of £50.00 charged at cost by our 3rd party vault. You will always be advised of any charges before hand and we will always be able to recommend the most cost effective solution to reduce these charges. Any postage costs will be covered by you the client at cost.

6. Withdraw/ Sell your metal

You can take delivery of your coins and bars at any time, simply pay any outstanding storage charges, the handling cost of £50 plus postage. If you would prefer to sell straight from your vault we can accommodate this too, Bleyer offers extremely competitive buy back rates close to the spot price.

7.  VAT

All purchases of gold are Free of VAT but services provided in the UK are chargeable at the prevailing rate.

If you would like further information or a detailed price quote for vaulted gold storage then please contact Bleyer by email ( or by phone on 01769 618618, our friendly team will be happy to talk through your options and help work out the best solution for you.

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