1oz Silver Merlin Coin, 2023 (Milk Spots)

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These 2023 1oz Silver Merlin coins are produced by The Royal Mint.

Each 1oz Merlin coin contains 31.1035 grams of silver with a 999 purity and supplied in uncirculated, but tarnished, condition.

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1oz Silver Merlin Coin, 2023 (Milk Spots)In stock (50)£32.58 (ex. VAT)
In stock (50)£32.58 (ex. VAT)


1oz Silver Merlin coin, 2023 – from the second Myths and Legends series

    • Brand new coins dated 2023, in uncirculated condition
    • Price displayed includes insured UK delivery
    • These coins are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Free
    • Each 1oz Silver Merlin contains 31.1035 grams of fine silver
    • Single coins are supplied in hard plastic capsules, multiples in soft plastic wallets or original Royal Mint tube
    • Plastic capsules for this coin are available to purchase HERE
    • Sending this as a gift?  Click HERE to add a presentation box.
    • The Silver Merlin coin is manufactured with a 999 purity
    • There are an unlimited number minted by The Royal Mint
    • Silver Merlin coins are legal tender in the UK with a face value of £2


  • *As pure silver can be quite reactive, some of these coins have developed ‘milk spots’ and other slight forms of tarnishing.*


Silver Merlin Coin

The Royal Mint have introduced the second coin in the three coin series inspired by legendary British myths and legends.  The first coin in the second series was the legendary King Arthur, the second coin in the series is based on the mythical character of Merlin.  Merlin was central to King Arthur’s legend and was popularly known as King Arthur’s adviser, magician and prophet.

Created by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century and based on historic and legendary figures, Merlin is associated with Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon, rather than the legendary King. Merlin is often depicted as being mad, this is because he is said to be born of a mortal woman and a demon father, giving him mystical powers. Growing in popularity through the Middle Ages, Merlin became associated with King Arthur over time, notably in American literature and popular culture.

The Royal Mint produces Merlin coins in 1oz Gold and 1oz Silver.


Merlin Coin Design

Merlin has been depicted by the artist and illustrator David Lawrence, with the figure of Merlin in the foreground and Glastonbury in the background, which is rumoured to be the inspiration for the mystical isle of Avalon. An owl sits on Merlin’s shoulder, symbolising his knowledge and wisdom. He clutches a magical stave whilst a golden sickle is attached to his belt, which he uses for cutting mistletoe in the sacred grove.  The obverse of the coin features an image of King Charles III and is the first Myths and Legends coin to do so.

This is the second coin in the second series of the British Myths and Legends collection. The first series features the legends of Robin Hood, Maid Marian and Little John.

The Royal Mint Background

The Royal Mint is a national treasure, making beautifully crafted coins and medals for countries all over the world. Over a thousand years of craftsmanship and artistry ensures every piece they strike is a long-lasting piece of history.

The Royal Mint is listed as an active Good Delivery Refiner by the London Bullion Market Association.


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Additional information

Weight 31.1035 g



31.1035g (1oz)

Fine weight



£2 GBP


The Royal Mint


United Kingdom




999.0 Fineness


Thickness 3mm Diameter 38.61mm

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