1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin, Mixed Years (Poor Quality) (Margin Scheme)

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These mixed year 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coins are produced by The Royal Canadian Mint.

Each pre-owned 1oz Maple contains 31.1035 grams of fine .9999 silver and supplied in poor condition.

Price inclusive of fully insured UK delivery. Margin Scheme – NO additional VAT.

3 in stock


Pre-owned, mixed year 1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins, in poor condition

  • Price inclusive of fully insured UK delivery
  • Images not of actual coins
  • Coins are in sub-standard condition
  • Each silver maple contains 31.1035 grams of silver
  • 1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coins are manufactured with a .9999% purity making it among the purest silver coins available
  • Tier pricing reflects combined postage and wholesale purchase discounts
  • Featuring an iconic design, the maple is one of the most recognisable silver coins in the world
  • Backed by the Canadian Government, silver maples are legal tender in Canada with a face value of 5 Canadian dollars
  • Industry leading counterfeit protective radial lines and a micro-engraved laser mark


Canadian Maple Coin Background

Deep rooted in Canada’s history and prominently featured in the centre of country’s flag, the iconic maple leaf symbol has represented Canada since the early 1700’s, The Royal Canadian Mint first introduced The Maple Leaf Coin in 1979.


Canadian Maple Coin Design

Each silver maple weighs exactly 1 troy ounce (31.1035 grams) and is manufactured to such a high standard of purity that it was the first bullion coin to achieve the heightened standard of “five nines” (.99999) pure in the gold variant.

Since release the Maple Leaf Coin has not undergone too many design changes, the simple design features an extremely detailed image of a maple leaf on the reverse side. Surrounding the large leaf are purity indications as well as the word “Canada.” On the newer versions, the authenticity of the coin is confirmed by the Canadian Mint’s micro-engraved design using laser technology. The laser mark will change each year featuring the last two digits of each corresponding year of issue.

On the coin’s obverse you will find the right-facing profile image of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the coin’s face value. Queen Elizabeth is featured on Canadian money because she is considered to be the Sovereign of Canada’s parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.


The Royal Canadian Mint Background

The Royal Canadian Mint is the mint of Canada and a crown corporation, operating under the Royal Canadian Mint Act. The Mint produces all of Canada’s circulation coins and manufactures circulation coins on behalf of other nations.

In operation since 1911, The Royal Canadian Mint operates one of the most technically advanced and respected gold and silver refineries in the world, producing bars, coins and other custom products. The Royal Canadian Mint began refining gold to 9999 fine purity in the mid-1960’s. In 1982, the refinery became the worlds’ first to produce 9999 bullion coins, an achievement surpassed in 1998 when they reached “five nines” purity levels. Today, they are even able to produce granulation gold that is 99999 fine.

The Mint also designs and manufactures precious and base metal collector coins in gold, silver, palladium and platinum, as well as medallions and tokens. It also offers a gold and silver refinery and assay service.


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Additional information

Weight 31.1035 g

999.9 Fineness




Thickness: 3.29mm, Diameter: 38mm






31.1035g (1oz)

Fine weight



$5 CAD


Royal Canadian Mint


Best Value, Pre-owned

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