Proof UK Gold Sovereign, 1996

£522.57 (VAT Exempt)

Sovereigns are produced by The Royal Mint and struck in 22 Carat Gold, each coin contains 7.322 grams of fine gold.
Sovereign coins are UK legal tender and hence capital gains tax free.
We have one of these pre-owned Proof Sovereigns dated 1996 supplied in fantastic pre-owned condition with the original box and certificate of authenticity.

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UK Proof Sovereign, 1996

  • Pre-owned UK Proof Sovereign dated 1996
  • Supplied in fantastic pre-owned condition
  • Supplied in original mint box with certificate of authenticity
  • Each Sovereign contains 7.3219 Grams Of Gold
  • Sovereigns are constructed of 22 carat gold or 91.76% purity and 8.33% copper
  • Legal tender in the UK, CGT exempt (UK) VAT Free (UK/EC)
  • UK Government assurance of weight and purity
  • Our prices are inclusive of insured delivery to a UK address
  • The reverse of the coin depicts the battle of St George and the Dragon
  • Bleyer Bullion is an authorised retailer of Royal Mint products


Issued by The Royal Mint, full Gold Sovereigns are one of the most popular and best known gold coins in the world. Gold Sovereigns are sought by both collectors and investors alike, they offer a sense of luxury, history and symbolism that no other coin can match. With its bold St George and the Dragon design, it has become an internationally recognised symbol of unrivalled accuracy, integrity and strength. To this day, it remains trusted, traded, respected and admired the world over.

There have been Sovereigns in circulation since 1489 with the Half Sovereign being first produced in 1544 during King Henry VIII reign. The modern Sovereign Gold coin was first issued in 1817 when the sovereign replaced the Guinea, it became legal tender in the United Kingdom with a face value of £1 Sterling. These days, because the value of the gold used to create the coin is much higher than the face value, the price of the Sovereign is closely connected to the gold spot price which changes each day.

These coins were not just minted in Britain: several mints in Australia, two in India and one in South Africa have produced them in the past. In the present day all sovereigns are all minted by the Royal Mint in the UK. Sovereigns were included in the survival kit of soldiers that fought in World War II and Desert Storm because they have been an internationally recognised form of monetary exchange for 500 years and are trusted the world over.  Our clients continue to love them and their size means that they remain versatile and can conceivably still be used as a means of exchange.

The Royal Mint is a national treasure, making beautifully crafted coins and medals for countries all over the world. Over a thousand years of craftsmanship and artistry ensures every piece they strike is a long lasting piece of history.

The Royal Mint is listed as an active Good Delivery Refiner by the London Bullion Market Association.

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Additional information

Weight 7.3219 kg



£1 GBP


Diameter: 22.05mm, Thickness: 1.52mm






916.7 Fineness

Fine weight



United Kingdom


The Royal Mint