4 Austrian Ducats Gold Coin (New Edition)

£627.50 (VAT Exempt)

These four Ducat Gold commemorative coins are produced by The Austrian Mint.
Each 4 Ducat coin is struck from 23 ¾ carat gold and contains a total of 13.767 grams of fine gold.

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4 Austrian Ducats Gold Coin (New Edition)£627.50 (VAT Exempt)
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4 Ducats, New Edition, 23 ¾ Carat Commemorative Gold Investment Coin.

  • Price inclusive of insured delivery to a UK address
  • Each coin weighs 13.963 grams and is produced from .986 (23 ¾ carat) metal
  • Each coin contains a total of 13.77 grams of fine gold.
  • In stock available for immediate dispatch

The word ducat is from Medieval Latin ducatus = “relating to a duke (or dukedom)”, and initially meant “duke’s coin” or a “duchy’s coin” During the 1400s, international traders in Western Europe shifted from the florin to the ducat as their preferred currency as a trade coin in Europe from the later medieval centuries until as late as the 20th century.

Investors now value Ducats for their Gold bullion content and collectors treasure their classic design.

These Austrian gold coins, all commemorate the Emperor Franz Joseph I who died in 1916, this is why all 4 Ducats gold coins issued after 1915 are restrikes of the original Ducats and appear to be minted 1916.

It is assumed that in 1612 Austria began minting Ducats and these regular issues lasted until 1914. The coins have a face value of 9s 4d (nine shillings and four pence). The 4 Ducats gold coins are manufactured from gold of 98.60% fineness, the equivalent of 23 ¾ carats, a very good quality for a gold coin that used to be issued for circulation. Measuring just 0.7mm thick, which is very thing compared with modern coins, they inherit the aspect of medieval gold coins.

The obverse of the 4 Ducats gold coins features the portrait of the commemorative Emperor, the laureate head of Emperor Franz Joseph I who had one of the longest modern reigns. He was a monarch for 68 years until passing away in 1916. He is depicted facing right and is surrounded by “FRANC IOS I D G AUSTRIAE IMPERATOR”. The reverse of the 4 Ducats gold coins illustrated the double headed eagle, a symbol of the Austrian Empire. The Imperial eagle has an Austrian shield on his chest. The words “HUNGAR BOHEM GAL LOD ILL REX A A 1915” are also present on the reverse.

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Additional information

Weight 13.7600 kg

Thickness: 0.7mm Diameter: 40 mm






986.0 Fineness



Fine weight





4 Ducats


Austrian Mint