Bleyer is the leading gold and silver bullion merchant based in Devon. We help customers from all over the UK. We give any British Citizen the opportunity to safeguard, accumulate and manage their wealth by using gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium bullion bars and coins, broadening their investment options.

Bleyer is considered one of the best places in the UK to buy physical precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum. We are a small company with small overheads and premiums. We are able to offer incredibly competitive pricing because of our long established supplier relationships and because we don’t have huge marketing budgets like many of our larger competitors. We know that the key to our business is you, our valued clients who prefer to support a friendly and trustworthy local business.

Through our commitment to transparency, education and unbiased information, our customers can improve their financial stability and achieve financial independence. We are the first choice for gold buyers and bullion investors from Devon and the surrounding areas. If you live in Devon or the South West, Bleyer Bullion is the best place to buy physical gold and silver in the UK.


That Personal Touch…

Our customers prefer a personal service, when you first make an inquiry with Bleyer you will be assigned an experienced accounts manager. Your account manager will be available during weekdays to offer you help, advice, answer any questions and process any orders. You might even like to call just for a chat or to meet up for some coffee and biscuits to discuss the market prices! At Bleyer your account manager is a free service, we enjoy working closely with our customers and as investors ourselves we always love to hear your information and tips on precious metal investment.


Free Advice and Family Wealth Consultancy Services

Another reason why Bleyer is the best place to buy gold and silver bullion is that we offer free advice and information services to our customers. By working with you and your family, we offer guidance and insights into investments in precious metals, helping you consider and manage a range of risks to produce a robust plan for the future.

There are several things which a first time investor may miss:

  • Have you thought about your exit strategy?
  • Have you thought about capital gains tax and VAT issues?
  • Why choose gold bars or coins?
  • What are the price driving forces behind each of the precious metals you can choose from?

We will work with you to discover the answers to these questions.


Buy-Back Service

Not only do we offer you fantastic rates when purchasing investment metals but we are also here for you if when you choose to sell your investments, we promise to offer you a fair price for your precious metals up to 98% of the live spot price. At this time we currently only deal in investment grade metals, we don’t generally deal with or buy scrap gold but may be able to assist if you would prefer to deal through us.


Outstanding Customer Service

We wouldn’t be around if our local customers didn’t get complete satisfaction from our service – we depend on repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations. You don’t need to trust us with blind faith; we have over a decade’s worth of happy customers to help reassure you. We offer an informed, polite, discrete, secure and professional service.


Secure Storage Facilities

We provide many of our customers with fully insured, secure, storage facilities in the UK used by our pension service investors or those who feel safer with their investments looked after by our professional custodians. For those wanting the added advantage of VAT free purchase and storage for silver, platinum and palladium, we offer specialist off-shore service where applicable.

Talk to us

Want to start investing in physical Gold and Silver? Ready to buy or sell? Need some free helpful advice? Call the Bleyer team on 01769 618618 or email for more information.