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REVEALED - The New 2021 Britannia Coin Design

REVEALED - The New 2021 Britannia Coin Design

The 2021 Britannia coins are now available for pre-order in 1oz Silver and 1oz Gold, with other sizes becoming available soon. This edition comes with some distinctly new features making it different from the rest of the previous Britannia coins. This article explores more.


All Editions of New 2021 Britannia Coin Designs


The Britannia bullion coin was designed by Philip Nathan and first introduced by The Royal Mint in 1987. It has since established itelf as the official bullion coin of Great Britain and depicts an enduring symbol of a nation, boldly standing beside a shield that bears the Union Jack flag, a symbol of strength, and holding an olive branch, representing peace. Read ‘A Brief History of the Britannia Coin’ here.

Security was of big importance but so was keeping the original beauty of its design. The new 2021 edition was designed by the same team who bought us the UK 12 sided £1 coin. Read 'The New £1 Coins - What are they really worth?' here.

The challenge for The Royal Mint with the new design was to establish something current and upgrade the design with features that would limit fakes and forgeries. Advancements in new technologies and laser etching have meant that new textures and lines in the design have now become security features in themselves. This new technology has been used to the best of its advantage in designing this new 2021 Britannia coin. 



2021 New Features

The coin has some distinct and new features. In the lower left-hand of the design, there is a circular panel below Britannia’s flowing gown showing a trident. As the coin moves, this trident turns into a padlock. Additionally, there is now surface animation on the coin, with the movement of waves behind Britannia. Both of these additions represent her naval history. 

The Union Jack flag on Britannia's shield has also been improved and is now accented with tincture lines, creating further depth to the perceived colours of the flag.

The micro-text that borders the design says 'DECUS ET TUTAMEN', which translates to 'an ornament and a safeguard'. The writing is very small would be hard to replicate. All of these new additions enhance the coin's previous design and upgrade its protection.


New Features of the 2021 Britannia Coin Design


What makes the 2021 Britannia coin different?

  1. A latent image changes from a padlock to Britannia’s famous trident
  2. Surface animation brings the background waves to life
  3. The union jack accented with tincture lines
  4. ‘Decus Et Tutamen’ micro text, translating to ‘an ornament and a safeguard’ around the edge


The iconic 1oz Gold Britannia Coin and 1oz Silver Britannia Coin are now available from Bleyer, with more sizes becoming available soon. Remember all Britannia coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt while the Gold Britannia’s are also VAT free. Add yours to your collections today.


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