Bleyer Bullion

Precious Metals Savings

We have many clients who invest in gold, silver or other precious metals - instead of leaving money in their bank earning little in the way of interest.  Several clients come to us investing a large lump sum, but we also have many customers who buy little and often. So there are a number of ways to invest and grow your personal nest egg, starting from as little as £20.

You don't have to stick to one strategy either.  We have clients who collect coins and small bars to have at home, they have a gold SIPP pension and a bit of silver, platinum or palladium in our Channel Islands store too.

Ways of saving

Regular savings where you invest a fixed amount:

The amount you buy and when is entirely up to you.  You can even make an arrangement with us to pay in a regular amount each month.  You tell us what you would like to buy and we will purchase as much gold or silver for you as your budget allows.  We can advise you on the most cost effective way to build your investment.

If your income doesn’t follow a regular pattern, you want to use bonus money or invest a one-off lump sum or gift, you can buy when it suits you.

Pension Gold:

You can even buy physical gold in your SIPP pension and let the taxman help you pay for your initial investment. You can get up to 40% more gold for your money, depending on the amount of tax you pay. Click the link for more on how this works.

Lump Sum

We are here to discuss the various options and help you to explore the best strategy to suit your future requirements and plans as best we can.

Larger Silver, Platinum or Palladium Savings Pots

You may want to diversify and for larger savings we can offer you the opportunity to buy VAT free using our off-shore storage partners to keep your metals safe.

Why our clients save with precious metals

Everyone is different and their reasons for saving are as different as their lives.

"I've inherited some money and I am worried that if I leave it as cash in the bank, it will lose its real value and it may be too tempting to just spend it"

"I want to put something away for the kids so that we can help them go to university".

"I'm buying this for my son, he had an insurance payout after an accident and we want to make sure it doesn't get frittered away".

"I'm saving for a house.  I've tried just putting the money in the bank but with house prices rising faster than interest, I'll never have enough for a deposit so I'm looking for something that has a realistic chance of growing quicker".

"We like to buy coins to put away in case we need them and if we don't they'll be a nice gift to leave the grandchildren".

"I believe that gold and silver are underpriced so I am happy to buy as much as I can now, while it's relatively cheap".

"I'd rather put my money into metals than property and see home ownership as a bit of a trap.  We can move around when we want and don't have to worry about maintenance.  The property market has an affordability ceiling so I reckon that getting in when interest rates are about to rise seems a bit risky".