How to Buy, Store and Sell Your Physical Gold & Silver in the Most Cost-Effective Manner

This week, the Royal Mint announced a fascinating move into the Bullion Investment market. Before you think ‘Hasn’t the Royal Mint been around for over 1000 years?’. Yes it has but it’s niche market was to sell Proof or Collectable Coins that marked auspicious occasions for the Royal family, country and Commonwealth. These were often beautiful works of art, crafted in Gold and Silver.  But like most works of art, are somewhat over-priced to be fair.

They weren’t investment bullion’s best option. The premiums on these pieces are often high.  For example, today Bleyer are selling a 1 oz Silver Britannia for £20.58. But the same coin from the Royal Mint will cost you £57.50, albeit for an ‘uncirculated’ coin. But if you bought new from us your coin also would come straight from the refiner. And contain exactly the same amount of Silver and you are unlikely to get the additional premium back when you come to sell the piece.

We believe Gold and Silver come with their own prestige and the real savy investor will buy and hold their Physical Gold and Silver in the most cost effective manner, not necessarily the most sentimental or auspicious. 

So maybe sensing this, the Royal Mint has announced a move into buying, selling and even storing Physical Gold and Silver on a more investment bullion basis. This is good news for you and for us in that it signals within the markets that more Gold and Silver are about to be bought.  Why else would such a big player move into the market?  Which means an even higher demand for Physical Gold and Silver is on the way – what we have been saying for several years now as we watch the world fundamentals affecting supply and future price quietly increase behind the scenes.

The gold price is currently less than the cost of mining new stuff from out of the ground and the charts are displaying strong support around the $1200 an ounce mark.


But there is a catch. If you buy from the Royal Mint you can only store with them if you buy from them, plus if you remove your Gold from their accounts you can’t then sell it back to them.  Whereas Bleyer will buy from you even if you didn’t buy your Gold or Silver, Platinum or Palladium from us in the first place and we will always buy it back, giving customers a better deal.  This really helps if you’re selling items given to you, or through members of your family.

In addition, if you wish to remove your products from storage with us you are also very welcome to sell your products back to us, either immediately or at some point in the future.

What has also caught negative review of this new venture by one of the big boys is the storage charges. “However, critics have voiced concerns that the price of having the coins stored by Royal Mint – 1% plus VAT for a total of 1.2% annually – is exorbitant.” (Michael Trudeau, MoneyWise 23 September 2014

Gold Storage with Bleyer is a more down-to-earth 0.8% + VAT.  Interestingly, one financial commentor speaking on Radio 4 this week, mis-compared cheaper rates than Royal Mint’s by quoting figures of the cheaper non-allocated accounts (from 9 mins 30 seconds onward).  This shows us what we already know, that our clients often know more about the Gold and Silver market than some financial commentators.  Be careful when comparing storage charges, that you don’t compare allocated account charges with the cheaper unallocated account charges.  All storage through Bleyer Bullion is fully allocated with your products clearly allocated in name and number to you alone!

We remain, as you, with our eyes focussed on current world events, the maneuovers of central banks trying to repatriate their Physical Metals as quickly as possible together with the long-hold-down of the Physical price because of the paper market.  As one London broker Marex Spectron commented earlier this week:  “At these prices, we are seeing a strong pick up in physical interest and I’m sure we are not the only ones.”

Join our savy group of investors buying and quietly acculumating their stores of Physical Gold and Silver with Bleyer Bullion. Trusted, approachable yet professional with a high level of customer care, call us today to discuss how we might be able to help you enter the Precious Metals market.  Unlike some of the larger City based companies, we do not require any minimum order, so feel free to contact us even if you wish to buy one or two smaller items.  For Gift and Christmas ideas browse Gold bars from 1g upward, for an unforgetable surpise for a loved one this festive season!

Or for a chat with one of our team, call Bleyer on 01769 618618.

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