Payment Information

The price you pay for your gold and silver can depend upon how quickly funds reach our account. World prices are constantly changing, our profit margins are tight and therefore we have to protect ourselves from large price fluctuations. As per our terms, if the price increases by more than 1% by the time we receive your payment, then we reserve the right to renegotiate the price with you or to offer you a refund.

You can prevent this by pre-funding your account to insure against price fluctuations if you think it will take a while for payment to reach us.  We will refund any overpayments and you can make up any small shortfalls.

BANK TRANSFER (move money directly into our account)

BACS Faster payments made directly by you through your bank via online banking, telephone or mobile banking such as PINGIT or in person at your bank where you can ask to 'move money' to our account. With the exception on international payments these are all normally free to you. 

CHAPS (Same day payments for larger amounts) If your payment exceeds your bank's daily limit you may need to pay by CHAPS (same day payment) for which you will generally need to visit a branch and pay a charge.

International Payments - check that we are able to dispatch to your country and make sure you have added any required postal surcharges and cover all bank charges. 

Bank Details:
Sort Code: 20-04-59
Account Number: 53713121

Business Short Code (PINGIT): PINGITTLI269

IBAN: GB86BARC20045953713121



You can pay by debit card free of charge via our website. The payment must pass security and unless we have agreed otherwise, we will only ship to the address registered to the card you are using.



We are accepting credit cards as a payment option until the end of 2017. The card surcharge is often higher than our margin and therefore will charge 2% for the use of a credit card. 

If you want to pay by credit card until then and you are happy to pay the surcharge, you can process your payment using this option and then we will send you a pay by link email that allows you to pay online or you can telephone us with your card details during office hours on 01769 618618.

If you don't want to pay a surcharge then we recommend using one of the other payment options. 


CASH - either paid into your local branch of Barclays or handed to us in person

You can pay cash to us in person by arrangement, or directly into our account at any branch of Barclays plc using our bank details. You should ask them to add your name or order number as a reference, let us know when this has been paid in and how much. This will be shown on our system fairly quickly and always same day. There is a 1.5% charge for paying cash into our account which is charged by our bank.

Our normal compliance checks still apply and you will need to bring photographic identification for security purposes. You may also be asked for details and even proof of the source of the funds when paying cash by the bank, especially for larger amounts.

Bank Details:
Sort Code: 20-04-59
Account Number: 53713121

It is often worth calling or emailing us know when you have paid money into our account. All charges must be covered by your payment.