The Royal Mint’s silver Valiant coin returns in 2021 for the fourth year as a 10oz coin and third year as a 1oz coin. This legendary British symbol of Saint George on horseback is a classic symbol of Great Britain and a fantastic addition to any collectors silver stack.

These coins have been highly popular since their release in 2018. Every design portrays the great Saint George, with a look of determination, lance poised, ready to strike the dragon writhing at his feet.

Many stories have been shared about the legend of Saint George slaying the dragon.

According to one story, a town in Libya had a small lake with a plague-infected dragon living in it. The townspeople were gradually being killed by the dragon and started feeding it two sheep a day to appease it. When they ran out of sheep the king devised a lottery system to feed it local children. One day his own daughter was chosen and as she was being led out to the lake St George happened to ride past. He reportedly offered to slay the dragon if the people were baptised and converted to Christianity. The king did as he was told, George killed the dragon and everyone was saved.

There are distinguishable similarities between this and the much-loved UK sovereign coins too. Both coins feature the image of Saint George slaying the dragon, with this 10oz version allowing for a far more detailed, 3D look at this classic scene.


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