What an epic conclusion to a truly stunning series. The final instalment of The Royal Mint’s epic Queen’s Beast series has finally been revealed. It feels like so long ago since the release of the Lion of England back in 2016 but 4 years later, the last of the Queen’s Beasts has been unleashed. Introducing the 2021 Queen’s Beast White Greyhound of Richmond coin.


What is the Greyhound of Richmond?

The greyhound breed was a big favourite in Northern England when the 1st Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt, first used it on his badge during the 14th century.

It was then used as an official royal beast by Edward III shortly after and became associated with all of his descendants in the House of Lancaster. It later became a symbol of the Tudor family when it was bestowed on Edmund Tudor by his half-brother Henry VI.

After slaying Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, Edmund’s son was crowned Henry VII who used the white greyhound to proudly display his Tudor and Lancastrian ancestry.

Most recently, The White Greyhound of Richmond was chosen as the last of the ten ancestral heraldic beasts that lined the entrance to Westminster Abbey at The Queen’s coronation back in 1953.



Coin Design

The design mixture of dynamic realism and heraldic symbolism is truly striking in this design. The White Greyhound of Richmond bears a shield of Tudor livery with a Tudor Rose ensigned by a Royal Crown. The greyhound is a symbol associated with qualities such as fitness and skill, as well as faithfulness and loyalty.


Bullion from Bleyer

The 1oz Gold Greyhound of Richmond Coin and the 2oz Silver Greyhound of Richmond Coin are now available from Bleyer, with 1/4oz Gold also available.

If you wish to contact us directly, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01769 618618 or email sales@bleyer.co.uk.



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