Austrian Mint

Austrian Mint

It is said the Austiran Mint was established in Babenburg Court in 1194 when Richard the Lionheart paid 12 tonnes of silver to Duke Leopold VI to secure his freedom and laid the foundations of the mint.

It was not for another 200 years however, the the Austiran Mint was mentioned in historical documents. Originally situated in Hoher Markt, then in the Wollzeile and later in Prince Eugene’s winter palace in Himmelpfortgasse. Since the first half of the 19th centruy the mint has been in its magnificent home in Heumarkt, central Vienna, where coins are still struck to this day.

Vienna Philharmonics are the only regularly issued gold bullion coins denominated in Euros. 

The Austrian Mint is listed as an active Good Delivery Refiner by the London Bullion Market Association. 

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