Mini Vault Gold, Fire Resistant

mini vault gold fire resistant banner fire resistant


Insurance rated £4,000 Cash / £40,000 Valuables

The Mini Vault Gold FR is ideal for the safekeeping of documents, valuables and cash. Whilst the manufacturing techniques used are intrinsically the same as Mini Vault Silver, the FR model benefits from a double walled construction, with a fire resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. The inclusion of this second level of protection gives the FR model a higher cash rating in addition to its fire protection.

• Combined body thickness of 6mm, an 8mm anti-bludgeon door with 25mm hardened steel locking bolts.

• Available in 3 sizes.

• Choice of key or electronic locking mechanisms. The electronic options offer changeable codes, multiple users, low power warning and LED indicators.

• All models include jewellery shelf (where applicable) and battery operated motion sensitive light, fixing bolts, batteries and operating instructions.

• Insurance companies’ ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important then please check with your insurers. 

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