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Our Story


Bleyer Bullion are based in Devon and are premier bullion dealers in the SOUTH WEST. Established in 2009, Bleyer now operates nationwide.  We have seen a 29% sales increase in Physical Gold and Silver in the last 12 months and a 60% increase in clients paying for storage.  So why are so many people buying Gold and Silver bullion bars and coins?  And if you are an Independent Financial Advisor, are you missing something in your portfolio advice? 

Bleyer’s experience in precious metals begun in 2006. When management saw early signs of a currency crisis they moved out of property into the safe havens of Gold and Silver.  As Bleyer’s CEO Caroline Savage explains:  “We felt prices were over-heating. We didn’t want to be dependent on the promises of big institutions either. Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to safeguard, accumulate and manage their wealth by using bullion coins and bars.  Typically, investors had to buy large amounts, but at Bleyer we enable people to start saving in Gold and Silver with just a few hundred pounds.  We believe it’s that important.”

While stocks, shares and interest rates have flat-lined, Gold has delivered close to 25% gains over 12 months and 230% over the last 5 years.  Quantitative easing, rising prices together with low interest rates continue to feed this increase in precious metal prices.  During periods of economic uncertainty, Gold and Silver typically ride the storm. 

While governments can print more ‘currency’, thereby eventually devaluing it to zero, there’s only a finite amount of Physical Gold and Silver in the world.  If we shared it equally there would only be enough for 1/3 ounce of Gold or 1/14 ounce Silver.  Silver is now rarer than Gold as it’s used in high-tech and medical industries.  

So how do you buy a Gold or Silver bar?  I asked Caroline Savage to explain to the uninitiated.  “The first step is to pick up the phone and call us.  We’ve built a small, approachable team who know a great deal about what is feeding this price rise and what the different products can offer.  Some bullion coins for example, are Capital Gains Tax free while investment grade Gold bullion is V.A.T. exempt.  So it’s really worth talking with us before you buy.”

A troy ounce Gold bar or coin can cost less than you think with Bleyer offering a variety of sizes and prices. Silver has historically sat at about 16th of Gold’s value, so is currently seen as “a great buying opportunity" whether buying a Silver bar or coin.  

Whether you are an I.F.A., or a member of the public new to the Physical Gold and Silver market, contact Bleyer to find out more.