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Document Downloads

Here are a number of documents in PDF format* that you may need or find useful.  Click the links to open in a new tab so you can view and print if required.


Bleyer Terms and Conditions of Business

By registering on our site and entering into business with Bleyer you are agreeing to abide by our Terms and Conditions of Business.  As with any contract, we strongly recommend that you read our terms and check that you are happy to abide by them in advance.

How do I buy Gold and Silver from Bleyer?

Another simple guide to get you started.  There are a number of ways to get in touch and if you are totally new to buying gold and silver it may help to give us a call or message us with your specific questions.

Tax Guide

This provides a quick snapshot of the main things we found were helpful to know and could guide your decision on which product from a tax viewpoint.  One of the things we can help you on is discussing your exit strategy.  It helps to be able to forsee any tax liability the future sale of your bullion could impose on you before you buy.  This guide is designed to get you thinking, that's all.  We aren't tax experts but like to share the knowledge we have on the subject with our clients.


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